This documentary looks kick ass

Saw this floating around on Reddit and I thought you guys might get a kick out of it. It’s called “8 – The Mormon Proposition“, and from the looks of the trailer, it promises to be compelling and heart-breaking. If that’s not a recipe for a good documentary, I don’t know what is! Stay tuned for more info on this soon.

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    FUCK those assholes. Their type of bigotry can’t last much longer. They will look *so bad* in history’s eyes. (If only they could survive to see it.) To me, homophobes (and racists, etc) are no better than Nazis. No better at all.

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    That documentary does look kickass! Not that we needed a reminder of how the morons are trying to control everyone or anything, but it is interesting how people can hate people they’ve never met so much based on their religion.

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