Haitian ambassador schools Pat Robertson on history

How awesome is this guy? Here he is schooling Pat Robertson on history, showing the victory of Haiti over the French led not only to the purchase of Louisiana by the United States for roughly 3 cents an acre, but also to the eventual independence of South America. Their historic and heroic victory would change the world forever. Not bad for a “pact with the devil”, eh?

(props to Atheist News for the find)

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    It’s nice to see someone in the mainstream media school that Ass Clown Robertson.

    As always my respect for Maddow only increases with every minute of her show I watch.

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    All hail the Maddow!

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    Rachel Maddow is a blessing to America!

    I would have watched her show this Wednesday, but Leverage was showing a rerun of an episode I missed.

    Next week!

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