Conservatives have their panties in a twist over Avatar

It was bound to happen; a number of conservative blogs are already complaining that Avatar is anti-American leftist propaganda, glorifying the Na’vi and showing humans as the bad guys. The main character’s choice to stand by the Na’vi is seen by the right as the ultimate treachery to both God and capitalism (two things that conservatives seem unable to disassociate).

The problem with life on earth is not Capitalism, it is the wickedness of human nature. The cure for this is not found in hugging a tree. The cure is to repent of sin and accept that Jesus Christ paid the price for your forgiveness AND TRANSFORMATION. You can become a new person driven by the Spirit of God to be kind, considerate, honest and loving.

I suppose if you’re the average American conservative, you assume any movie where Americans aren’t blowing shit up “for freedom and Jesus” is obviously unpatriotic. For the right, any criticism of current foreign or domestic policy is unacceptable; America is perfect the way it is, and no one is allowed to change her. It doesn’t matter that the country is effectively broke from having to conduct two wars simultaneously. It’s also apparently inconsequential their myopic financial institution almost brought down the entire world economy with their pursuit of profit; that’s the system we have, and you better put an American flag on your car before everyone thinks you’re a pinko bastard.

How predictable is it that any movie that doesn’t suck Jesus’ holy cock is seen as instantly immoral and liberally biased by the religious right? Will there come a time when we are spared their pointless protestations at the exclusion of their deity from movies? Do they really regard the fictional Na’vi as a threat to their religious order? The religious right in America likes to conflate their religion with American domestic and foreign policy, a practice that has the rest of the world shaking their heads in disbelief. We find this practice both objectionable and deplorable. How can anyone criticize the US if the justification for their actions is shielded in religious zealotry?

Can you all relax and stop thinking everything Hollywood produces is a gigantic anti-Jesus conspiracy? Just enjoy the movie and shut the fuck up already; it’s painful to listen to you whine every time the good guys aren’t “The Marines”.

(For a far better analysis than mine, go read this great article on Slate).

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    They should like the sequel then, where the humans return and nuke the tree hugging hippies from orbit.

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    Avatar is freakin’ Disney’s Pocahontas with ten-foot tall blue aliens and sci-fi instead of innacurate history during the age of exploration. (I’m a Pamunkey, Pocahontas is my history. She was 13, she was not at all attractive, and she was a royal pain in the ass.)

    Maybe it’s cause the marine sergeant is portrayed as idjit, trigger-friendly asshat, ‘oh mah god how can ya show the military as anything but glorious and patriotic!’


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    Didn’t you know? Pocahontas is left wing propaganda too.

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    Even better, the Vatican has officially denounced Avatar:

    Avatar is the new Titanic, however. Everyone loves it right now, but in 10 years, it’ll be panned as a thin, shallow film with overrated CGI. We’ll be left to criticize it while Cameron cashes his billion-dollar checks.

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    @Ender: It’s the only way to be sure. 😉

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    True, true. Of course, my statement was more in how much it wasn’t an ‘OMG amazing movie’ than left-wing propaganda.

    Course I was confused at first cause I thought you were talking about the real Pocahontas.


    There’s a comic somewhere to this degree.

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    Marry me! 😛

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    Oh jeez. This is like what people did (and still do) to Harry Potter. Whine Whine Whine Whine Whine Whine Cry Cry because the movie doesn’t, as you say, “suck Jesus’ holy cock” Ugh. I hate people.

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    I think they find it threatening ’cause they know god is bullshit….

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    I know that most of the ‘famous for being insane’ republicans are as right as it can get, but seriously most people aren’t like this. Just like how most liberals are Michael Moore reborn. I noticed how much you where saying all right wing folk are the typical political Republican stereotype, and just had to butt in with my view; I’m a moderate, by the way.

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    The right is probably scared because the plot of the movie is very reflective of the history of both British and U.S. foreign policy. However, it is a fu%$*ng movie so just enjoy it for what it is – escapist entertainment.

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    I like capitalism and think God is a farce. Do I need to love both, to be called a conservative?

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    I should add, of course some people don’t love capitalism as much as myself.

    Also, it’s not surprising one of them made a crazy movie about smurfs in space. The supposed need to be in sync with all political aspects of a movie blows my mind. I don’t give a shit if something entertaining thinks capitalism is crap.

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    So, the original quote comes from this guy (check him out for a laugh):

    he calls himself “production editor” [of what? his credentials are… movieguide.]

    Pop culture fads/phenomena/events are always latched onto by zealots because they can ride the coattails to notoriety. bait & switch tactic.

    In this case it’s a goddamned evangelical website masqurading as a film site:

    What sucks is that it’s sponsored by Warner Bros. WTF?

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    fred johnson

    The humans ARE the bad guys in this movie, not because they are human but because the people in charge are essentially thieving killers, happy to wipe out the native inhabitants (commit murder) for resources.

    I think this just shows how immoral and stupid these conservative blogger’s are if they can’t see that murder and theft are obviously wrong whatever bullshit ideology you subscribe to.

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    @razzle. I could be wrong but I think that yes you do need to believe in both to be considered conservative. Didn’t there representatives have to sign something saying that they had to share 8 of the 10 conservative values or something? don’t get me wrong I vote for who I want where I live but it’s kinda scary when political evolution is considered a bad thing when you are required to stick to unchanging opinions and values.

    And yes as everyone said this is entertaiment. I’m pretty sure everyone here would enjoy rambo as well as pure entertainment.

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    Taryn Aina

    Haha it’s amazing how many sites there are where you can watch it online nowdays, here’s one now man haha

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    Ailene Minardi

    I like the Avatar 3D movie, especially the story line, not only it brings a completely new sensation but inspiring ideas of humanity. I heard the New Avatar 2 is comming soon, cannot wait to see it again…!

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