TGA Podcast: Episode 77 1/2

Welcome back for another episode of The Good Atheist Bonus show. This week Ryan and Jeff both join me for a very special episode of The Good Atheist. We talk about Pat Robertson and his insanity, and why young people don’t vote.

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    My song.

    I hate ignorant fundamentalists.
    They have no luck. This age for atheists!
    I give a shit to your “offended” mind
    Cause mind of yours is absolutely blind!

    You just unjust and no way around,
    Your fucking mind is tightly, tightly bound
    Your beard is long, your vision pretty short
    Your mom to know, she better had abort.

    Your god is corpse and gives off stinky gas.
    Your tiny heads are bushy like his ass.
    You kiss that ass and kill in adoration
    Suggested outlet for you – a simple masturbation

    Alas! Grew up in dunes, away of color books,
    Away of open culture, away of different views.
    Your self-esteem tremendous, it’s broader than your sight.
    You love your greedy prophet, but budget pretty tight.

    You better learn to jerky , it’s much attractive, fellas.
    Then date a real girl, how was it? really! tell us!
    Compare this experience and volumes full of blood
    You smell that fucking garbage, that stinky stupid god?

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    Kevin O'Leary

    To answer a question raised on the show regarding Jehovah’s Witnesses (I used to be one I’m afraid);

    JWs believe that when Armegeddon arrives, 144,000 “anointed ones” go to heaven to help Jesus rule for a bit (1000 years if memory serves), the rest of the JW fodder (most of them) merely receive everlasting life on a rebuilt Earth where they skip about as naked as the day they were born singing songs and eating vegetables (Believe it or not, there’s yet ANOTHER armeggedon to come after this according to JW teaching)

    Interestingly, this 144,000 business has lead to a rather unusual practice not known to many outside the cult. Every Easter (the most important religious event for JWs), wine and bread (representing the blood and body of Jesus) is passed through the entire congregation, but only the “anointed” 144,000 are allowed to consume them. Now most of these anointed as you can imagine reach back to the earlier days of the church and are slowly dying off; this means that most congregations may only have just one member who partakes of the wine / bread. A lot of congregations have no anointed members at all (losers!), but still go through the motions of observing the ritual.

    Here’s the rub; Armeggedon for JWs MUST occur before all the anointed are dead according to their reading of bible prophecy. The solitary duffer in my congregation who quaffed the goodies when I was there 15 years ago was already in his 80’s and this belief was pretty rock solid then. It would be interesting to know how many of the old fools are still left…

    Excellent episode by the way, I think the three of you work well together.

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