Pat Robertson is insane

I guess once you surrender your mind to the corrosive influence of religion, your grip with sanity is bound to slip eventually. How else can you explain his insane comment that Haiti signed a pact with the devil to gain their independence from the white man? Does he believe everything the little voice in his head tells him? Pat, you need to take medicine for the kind of mental illness you’re obviously suffering from.

I have to wonder if perhaps he’s not being influenced by some kind of deep seated racism. Does he consider Haiti’s independence a bad thing? Would he have preferred they remain a fiat state and the population be subject to the despotic rule of the French? Right now this small poor country is suffering, and all he can do is blame the devil. Does this moron even understand why earthquakes happen? It’s not because an invisible man in the sky gets angry every once in a while. That’s what our primitive and uneducated ancestors used to believe. Now we all know better, except of course for old dinosaurs who don’t have the common decency to die.

(thanks Arynn for forcing me to post this)

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    That guy is a waste of space, it would be better occupied by dog turds.

    And why the fuck does CBN give him air time?

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    That’s Pat Robertson? I had a different idea of what he looked like in my head, but I think I’m getting Pat Robertson mixed up with Robert Patterson.

    So anyway, “made a pact with the devil”. Interesting hypothesis, but we live in a world now where people can deduce reality from delusion, and this clearly falls in the latter.

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    i totally believe it’s true… read the bible and you’ll see how the god of the OT constantly responds out of proportion to the situations. well, killing 100,000+ people in an earthquake 205 years after a pact with the devil seems pretty much par for the course with the old god.

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    Toll free number to 700 club. Call Pat Robertson and let him know how you feel. (800) 759-0700

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    Richard Feinburg

    Pete, the reason they give Pat Robertson time on the CBN because he owns the network.

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    shaun mcneil

    My dad falls asleep to the 700 club…he finds it comforting

    Now I just feel sad that my dad is so into this stuff, and no this does not fall into ‘the latter’ part of reality from delusion

    I kind of want Pat to hurry up and die of old age so he can quit all this – who’s gonna replace him? Popoff?

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    Give the man a break, overall he has alot of good comments!

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    Well, I’ve heard enough stupid for today. Goddamned moron.

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