Does the Pope understand forgiveness?

Ok, here’s a not so hypothetical situation; pretend that you’re feeling a little bit crazy (possibly due to mental illness), and during Mass at the Vatican you push the Pope down. The Pope then has a meeting with you, tells you all is forgiven, and then proceeds to take you to court. Does that sound like forgiveness to you?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Susanna Maiolo, who suffers from a mental illness (hey, she’s a Catholic, so that’s already a pretty good start down nutjob lane), and although this was explained to Senator Palpatine Pope Benedict XVI (who supposedly forgave her), it hasn’t stopped his legal department from continuing their case against her.

Perhaps Golem Ratzinger is a little confused as to what forgiveness actually means. Maybe he was just telling her that her soul is forgiven for such a heinous crime (he was totally uninjured, by the way), but that her physical body will still be brought to trial. Don’t you love Christian forgiveness? It’s so beautiful I think I’m going to cry…

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    You don’t need a metal illness to want to push the pope.

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    Wow that’s just epic fail on the popes part.

    I understand for security reasons the vatican can’t just let everyone pass however, I think a simple don’t come around here for a year would suffice.

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    classic hypocrisy…

    “I forgive you, my child. But, you’ll be hearing from my lawyers.” wtf?!

    more info here (no affiliation):

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    Understand forgiveness???? The entire xtain religion is based on hate and non-forgiveness. g0d hates us all because of 2 dimwits eating an apple. All people are created in sin. Just read the buybull g0d is killing people all over the place for no real reason.
    They do not understand forgiveness.

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