Try science instead, moron

I realize the ability to conceive is still very important in many cultures, but this guy is ridiculous; an Indian man cut off his tongue with a razor blade as an offering to his Hindu God, hoping this sacrifice would allow his wife to become pregnant.

Whether or not the man was aware modern science allows potentially infertile couples the opportunity to conceive through artificial insemination or fertility drugs is unknown. One thing is for sure; the only thing he’s managed to do is prove human beings do incredibly dumb things when they’re desperate, including sacrificing body parts in the vain hope their imaginary friends will grant them wishes. Try science next time dude; it’s pretty fucking awesome, and it works.

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    this is how natural selection is supposed to work.
    all those too dumb to go to a doctor will die out eventually.

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    if that were only true

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    He cut off his tongue. Well, at least people around him won’t have to listen to that dumb moron go on about his faith. Natural selection viciously cutting in. (pun intended)

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    Barry D.

    Does that actually work? Shit, ill do it just to get laid. 😛

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    Some comments quote Natural Selection, and i have to admit, to an extent i really do agree. If i was going down a technicality of a route, i’d say that Natural Selction works down to adaption ability to an environment change. However, having said that, is it really wise to keep people THIS apparently stupid around on earth? Surely they pose a threat to society not just themselves.
    You can’t please a fool it seems. So why can’t we leave them to it? Who are we to intervine with science and *gasp* common sense too!

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    Kevin O'Leary

    I can’t help feeling a little sorry for him, in India this is more likely to be due to ignorance and poor education rather then rabid devotion.

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    maybe they couldn’t get kids because he was only allowed to do cunnilingus and couldn’t take it anymore.
    Doing it right might now produce children thus solidifying their faith to the point of no repair 🙂

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    Of course, Americans often forget that much of the world doesn’t have access to the same level of healthcare as they do – and even if they do, they may not be able to afford it…. Oh wait…

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    “Doctors said he is out of danger, but would probably suffer from major speech problems later, police said.” (from the article<<<)

    well, no shit.

    if only all outgoing religious people would cut off their tongues…

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