Another death due to “Faith Healing”

Faith Healing is an oxymoron; you might as well combine other contradictory words together for fun, like “tall midget” or “logical religion”. To heal someone, you actually need to do something; anything really other than praying to your invisible friend. If I told you my kid was really sick and my imaginary buddy was her only doctor, you’d toss me in jail and take my child away from me forever. Unfortunately, because a majority of the population actually believes in the existence of this imaginary man, no one stopped Jeff and Marci Beagley when they refused to treat their 16 year old son’s urinary tract infection. He died of this extremely treatable condition.

The Beagleys are members of the “Followers of Christ Church”, and if that name sounds familiar to you, it should. Remember Ava Worthington, the 15 month old baby girl that died choking on a common cyst? Her parents were also members of this wackjob church.

Can these morons not see the writing on the wall? So far their God is 0-2. Considering the Worthingtons got off scot-free, I’m not very hopeful that these neglectful idiots will face any jail time for failing to properly care for their son. For fuck’s sake, it’s not like these kids are dying of mysterious and untreatable diseases; they’re letting their own children die from conditions that could be cured in an afternoon!

Even 2000 years ago people were trying to find cures for diseases. They knew better back than to wait for their gods to heal them. I think around the time of the Black Plague (which killed roughly 1/3 of the population), everyone realized there really isn’t anyone looking out for us, and when it comes to our health, we’re on our own. Remember stupid shit likeĀ bloodletting (the same thing that killed your beloved George Washington)? We got it wrong for a while there, but since then we’ve invented a little thing called science, and it’s been pretty fucking sweet. It’s a lot more effective than talking to yourself, and better yet, your kids won’t die if you take advantage of it.

(props to the Friendly Atheist for the find, and I like the new ambigram, Hemant!)

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    You can die from UTIs? I cannot imagine how much pain that boy had to been in. Those things are fucking miserable.

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    I hate saying this but I doubt they would agree with you when it comes to the score. They would see it the other way and that is why they are willing to let others die for their own beliefs. Life isn’t as important to them as it is most people. It is more important to them that they believe absurdity then to believe life is important.

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    Zombie Jesus

    I have to agree with the Baconsbud. They have no concept of cause and effect. You go to the doctor, get a diagnosis and get a prescription: child lives. You sit at home and talk to the ceiling: child dies. But of course, if the child’s antibodies persevere, then it is considered a miracle…not biology.

    It’s this kind of thing that allowed the leech lobby to tout a 67% success rate during the Black Plague.

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    fred johnson

    While these poor children need to be protected by the state and the parents punished, I find it re assuring that people with these insane beliefs can actively make themselves extinct.

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