Christian side hug: part deux

Remember the Christian side hug? The guys who made the original are sticking to their story that it was actually parody, although in general evangelicals are not known for their parody skills (my challenge to them is to explain exactly what they were making fun of). Now an enterprising group called “The Retar Crew” has capitalized on the attention and released their version of the Christian side hug. If you like this, they have an entire album that you can download for free on their site. Think “The Lonely Island” only with a heavier emphasis on rap. It’s not bad, and worth a listen (did I mention it’s fucking free?)!

(props to Atheist Experience for the find)

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    The fact that any bought that the original was a parody is funny.
    Part Deux is straight wicky whack dope. Y’all.

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    Yay Atheist Expereince! The best podcast about atheism online.

    It’s so hard to tell what is parody and what is real with those christains now. I didn’t realise this was parody until about a minute of the way through.

    A christian making out with your is a christian licking the side of your face. A christian piggyback is someone clinging on to your side. Christian Anal Sex is a christian humping your side.

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    Perhaps they were parodying a part of Christian culture that they think is stupid?

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    RA The Mugged Man

    “my challenge to them is to explain exactly what they were trying to make fun of”
    Christian rap….duh…

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