Malaysian Muslims attack Christians for using the word Allah

You know what I love about atheism? We don’t confer words with special powers. This gives us an advantage; you won’t see angry atheists taking to the streets because the word “evolution” is being misused (even though we might get tempted when jackasses like Kirk Cameron spew their anti-evolutionary nonsense around), and when’s the last time an atheist firebombed a building to punish the sacrilegious use of a beloved name? Never. The same can’t be said of the religious, and the latest story of insanity comes all the way from Malaysia, where Muslims are going apeshit after their own courts respected the rights of Christians to use the word “Allah” in reference to their own God.

Now, because Allah is Arabic for God, that should have been the end of any dispute, but because of the tendency of Muslims to lose their minds over every little detail, angry men with very brain matter have begun firebombing churches in retaliation for this new found freedom. I’m no friend of Christianity, but the violent actions over use of the word “God” is completely unreasonable. It just goes to show how utterly incompatible religions are with a free society; the fact Malaysia can barely contain the violence of their own citizens over the use of a sacred word makes you wonder just how far some people will take their own superstitious and ridiculous beliefs.

Can you all go find a fucking cave in the the middle of nowhere to live in and leave the rest of us civilized people alone please?

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    “Can you all go find a fucking cave in the the middle of nowhere to live in and leave the rest of us civilized people alone please?”

    Something tells me they would have trouble finding one of those.

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    it’s all fucking ridiculous… xtianity & islam both sprang from (if you want to be polite) judaism. how about using the misunderstanding to educate followers and ‘blasphemers’ alike.

    i can empathize somewhat, in that it’s maddening when creationists corrupt scientific language, i.e. “theory”, “fact”, “law”, etc. but doesn’t that mean EDUCATION is needed?

    1) malaysian muslims, idiots for not acknowledging their co-opted religion, hypocrites for demanding respect they don’t give.
    2) malaysian xtians, idiots for co-opting “allah”, translating “god” instead of just writing “god”.

    it’s like getting mad at the inhabitants of jupiter for calling ganymede moon just because we earthlings named our moon, “moon”.
    …or something. [note to self; trying to make sense of other people’s stupidity is taxing]

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