Stephen Baldwin is an embarrassment to humanity

I hate reality shows, and I especially hate D-list celebrity ones. That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t occasionally enjoy watching the train wreck of stupidity that often ensues, and this latest gem of ignorance comes from our old friend Stephen Baldwin. Stephen is a born again evangelical, a fact you can’t help but notice 5 seconds after meeting him. He’s as passionate about his religion as he is uneducated, and here we have him attempting to convince his celebrity buddies on Big Brother that evolution is false. Hey jackass, we don’t “descend” from apes; we ARE apes! As for chimpanzees (which are also apes and not monkeys), we shared an ancestor roughly 6 million years ago, which explains why we have some minor differences (we have roughly 96% of the same DNA in common). My little cousin knows this, and he’s just a kid. You might try reading a book that has facts instead of stories, idiot. You embarrass me and the rest of humanity with your stupidity.

(props to Mark for the heads up)

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    Do these people think they have actually thought of some brilliant idea that scientists haven’t thought of? Like a scientist is going to go “holy shit! apes ARE still here. That throws our whole understanding of evolution out the window.”

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    People still watch Reality TV? The only nation who knows how to do good reality TV is Japan!

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    I hate to say it but reality is here to stay. It’s cheap and easy to produce so even if the audience is low, you can still make a profit. Plus there’s a never ending supply of people who want their 15 minutes of fame that they will embarrass on tv do get it.

    Oh and Stephen Baldwin is a douche. If he’s a born again Christain and so concerned about traditional values yadda yadda yadda… why is he participating in these shows? Don’t they exploit people and are kinda sleazy? I’ve only watched a little bit of Big Brother but it’s mostly lying, cheating and back stabbing. Not very Christian if you ask me

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    Speaking of reality television…on the new season of the Real World there are 2 Christians and 1 Atheist (they had a painful discussion about it over dinner). But the awesome thing is that the hot boy Christian is bisexual and the hot girl Christian is fucking crushed about it! haha.

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    Carisa Hendrix

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that argument. It’s just irritating people parroting the bullshit rhetoric.

    I wish I were more evil; I could create an undercover campaign encouraging all creationists not to accept any medical assistance because all the science behind it is based on evidence contradictory to holy scripture, “so it must be wrong, right”. If I were evil I wouldn’t care that this would lead to the death of even more innocent children at the hands of crazies.

    When will the stupidity end.

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    CH: done and done… by Mary Baker Eddy, founder of xtian science; purveyor of oxymoronic death and suffering.

    personally, I don’t believe that dogs are descended from wolves. i mean, there are STILL WOLVES! duh?!
    furthermore, i don’t believe sticks come from trees. there are STILL TREES!
    [amazing that such a weak agument can persist. ignorance is viral.]

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    Personally speaking, I can’t stand any of the Baldwin’s. There’s no accounting for tastes I suppose.

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    What’s frustrating here is that it shows the complete opposition some people have to facts.

    The statement “We evolved from chimpanzees” is false, and it’s easy to explain why it’s false. Understanding that we didn’t descend from chimps and we instead share a common ancestor shows why the question “If we evolved from apes, why are there still apes?” is so ridiculous.

    Despite the simplicity though, this train of thought and argument persists. If that’s the case, then when it comes to trying to explain more difficult concepts what chance do we have?

    On the topic of reality tv, I really don’t understand it’s popularity. Someone was talking about the show “Jersey Shore” and how amazing it was and said i should give it a chance. I couldn’t even make it to the first commercial break…

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    *facedesk* Even I, with my limited biological and evolutionary knowledge know that’s a stupid argument.

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    Forget the fact that he’s a fundie, Stephen Baldwin is an abomination (especially to Canadians) for this one very sufficient reason: Slap Shot 2.

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    The video doesnt play even though its broadcast from this country!!!
    @Isaac what are you talking about, reality TV dominates all TV. get out from under your stone!

    Speaking of “belief” why do we excuse people who think they can see and hear something that clearly to any sane person is not there, they have the same symptoms of any mentally unstable person having hallucinations and should be sectioned. We shouldnt accept it anymore, more wars are fought over this imaginary crap than over anything else, terrorists mindlessly murdering because of their imaginary shit, the nutjobs should be put down so the world can progress

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    Tyler Durden

    Yeap let´s all join together and give mr. baldwin all our money click on donate so he can buy a faster jet, no joke, serious stuff!!! XD

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