Isn’t she sweet?

Don’t you love the argument that freedom of religion means you only HAVE to freedom to believe in something rather than nothing? It’s so common I barely notice it anymore, although I did enjoy this woman’s vitriolic and insane protest regarding the existence of atheists. It just goes to show how scared religious people are of nonbelievers; there is something odious in their eyes about our ability to reject mythology. If everyone around them doesn’t believe in the same thing they do, religionists suddenly freak the fuck out. Hey guys, if you are so convinced about the truth of your beliefs, why do you always act like a bunch of scared little bitches anytime someone challenges them? The lady doth protest too much, me thinks…

*NOTE* I’ve been told it’s actually a spoof. Snopes has the scoop, but as you may recall if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, I consider this sort of parody slightly annoying. If it’s too hard to tell, what the fuck is the point? There are already a bunch of idiots who believe everything this letter says; what exactly is this person parodying anyways?

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