Do scientists fear Hellfire?

Here’s a great YouTube video explaining why scientists don’t believe in Hellfire by plainly explaining what fire is! Sure, some of them might be religious, but I assure you the God of these serious scientists has very little in common with the “God of the plebs” who punishes “wickedness”. It’s a must watch, people!

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    I cant wait for some christian to say” but its magic fire”

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    In Hell, we will make toast!

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    Barry D.

    I loved it!! It goes well with your idea that we shouldn’t lie to our children… over even the simplest of imaginations of make believe, because really, we were once in their shoes, being told one thing or another, and yet, feeling and sensing something entirely different about our world, as if being lied too. But we are always arguing amongst ourselves, if lying in general having the greatest intent of not to do harm, is it really good or bad?

    Anyone will say anything and not truly believe it in their mind or heart, simply to not disappoint one another. I think its more of a shame if we walk around all day telling our selves ‘there is a god’… It just goes to show us that we can be forced into believing anything we tell one another… I believe that we haven’t found all the answers, and that there is a great chance that we will never understand it all, but as long as we maintain our goal at discovering the universe, we may find some of the greatest answers to the ultimate questions, such as ‘why are we all here?’

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    Kevin O'Leary

    Great vid, and nice to hear a little Sibelius too!

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