TGA Podcast: Episode 76 1/2

Welcome back for another episode of The Good Atheist Bonus Show. This week my guest is sexy fire-eater Carisa Hendrix who’s here to talk about whether or not dating religious people is a good idea, and share her thoughts on the movie The Invention of Lying.

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    TGA’s building up quite the cast, its a shame that two seems to be the maximum number of people who can effectively do a single podcast. I’d love to see all four of you do a podcast together. I remember the one where it was Jacob, Ryan and Jeff, but that didn’t really work out. Heres hoping that sometime in the near future you figure out a way to get everyone together. And so it goes without saying that I hope this wasn’t Carisa’s last podcast.

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    Glad Carisa was around for the last coupla podcasts (the free one as well as this one, if I’m not mistaken), it’s nice to hear from an Atheist chick for a change! Sorry about the sexism there Jacob. Ryan is totally awesome and all but interchanging hosts is pretty cool.

    As to what flavor she brought to the show…. erm.. Strawberry? Ha.
    Especially considering the topics, e.g. atheist/theist(religionist) relationships, having a female perspective really got me interested, more so than i have been before.

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    Matty J

    “For the most part the universe is meaningless! It’s just a bunch of things happening due to a few fundamental laws of the universe acting on one another. Gravity, strong or weak nuclear forces, electromagnetic force. These forces interacting produce us, super nova’s, nebula’s all kinds of cool things but it doesn’t all really have a fucking purpose”

    I agree with most of that, but…

    With regards to life there is something that we don’t understand yet. It’s not simply physics. Something else has to be applied to make the atoms that make up a rock behave differently to the atoms that make up you and me. It’s certainly not super natural. But there is a reason why. Why evolution occurs? Why life wants to survive so badly? The reason probably isn’t anything important at all. But it’s hard not to romanticise what that reason is. It’s hard to say that there truly is no purpose. What if the purpose behind evolution is so that life will one day finally figure out what the fuck it is?

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    Matty J

    Enlightened hot chicks that swear rock!

    You were wrong about the Santa thing though : )

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