Discovery Institute Busted!

Here’s a great video demonstrating the kind of pathetic tactic the Discovery Institute uses to try and silence critics. Since they are incapable of actually defending their claims using logic, reasoning, or anything that isn’t the Bible, they have to try and use bogus DMC claims to shoot down videos that expose their pathetic arguments. I’m sure in their eyes, they’re doing all of this for Jesus, so lying, being deceitful and dishonest is OK so long as people stop believing in the “godless” science of evolution. Who needs intellectual integrity when you have God?

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    Just as an FYI, DonExodus (The guy who made the video) does actually believe in god. So I’m sure he would disagree with that last sentence you wrote about intellectual integrity. He is a bit of a rarity in that he is so pro-science even with that belief, but nonetheless it’s kind of a leap from “having” god to being without intellectual integrity.

    But that aside I’m glad someone is standing up to the DI, and even more so that someone is taking action against youtube’s retarded DMCA system.

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