Brit Hume is a dick

I guess to some Christians, believing in God is a bit like bargaining for a used car; you want to make sure you’re getting a good deal. Brit Hume, a FOX News regular, seems to think Buddhism offers too little in the way of redemption, and that Tiger Woods needs to convert to Christianity to feel better. It’s this kind of “wheeling and dealing” that I can’t fucking stand about this religion; it’s also why it’s a very popular choice for mobsters, criminals, and other moral deviants who are attracted to the “redemption no matter what terrible shit you’ve done” aspect of the faith. Jesus is the perfect “get out of jail free” card to people who most definitely don’t deserve it.

What Tiger needs to do is lay low and wait until some other celebrity makes an ass out of themselves.

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    No wonder Faux News isn’t taken seriously as a proper news station, not while they employ jerks like that to espouse their dogma as fact.

    America is a great place, but I’m glad I live, with y stiff upper lip, in level headed Britain, that kind of ‘Masculine Bovine Excrement’ wouldn’t be allowed on auntie Beeb.

    Oh, and don’t believe the crap about Muslims in Britain either, they are only 4% of the total population, but they speak loudly, just like the Christian Fundies in America.

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    Tiger need to ban all FOX interviews and demand an apology

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    Pete the problem with the Muslims in not only Britain but other European nations as well is not that there are too many of them living there, but it is what those few are doing. They want to impose their own sharia law in place of the law of the respective countries. In Britain they have been able to set up a few Sharia Law courts which the British Government allow to operate. Sharia law as I hope you know is a horrible thing that should not be tolerated by any western country. Its a shame that things have got so bad already in Europe and I don’t think it will get much better anytime soon. It may not be so bad for you, at least for now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to worry about.

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    Zombie Jesus

    I remember a time when FOX was considered to have some right-wing values and right-wing perspectives in their reporting. Now they seem to barely report the news and talk about why everybody should love Jesus. It used to be a covert operation and now it’s become ostentatiously overt. I don’t know which I prefer…

    It’s a good thing Christians don’t care about adultery. I think the Jews would be all over that shit. But if I remember correctly, I thought Christianity was supposed to still abide by the Old Testament’s commandments. And that Jesus’s teachings override them…it’s a little contradictory…

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    He’s not a dick, he’s an idiot.

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    Also, he’s a dick.

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    He’s an idiot with out a dick..

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    Well, it’s true, anyone interested in committing adultery, or child rape, or even murder should definitely look into that get-out-of-hell-free card. The guy who raped my nephew (church group volunteer, devout catholic) lived out his life in comfort, and died believing he was forgiven for all his “weaknesses”. And all Tiger was doing was banging a few bimbos, heck, they were not only of legal age and consenting, they were actually super-happy about his, um, special purpose and whatnot. That doesn’t matter though, aren’t all sins equal in the eye or the lord or some nonsense? “And he made no distinction between us and them, having cleansed their hearts by faith.” The moral of that story is, hey, do what you want, just make sure you have the fire insurance policy.

    I won’t say atheists are more moral than christians, but we do have to live with what we do, not having any delusions that it’ll all be ok because we can recite some words and make it all go away, like magic.

    Also, Brit Hume is an idiot dick.

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