TGA Podcast: Episode 76

The vacation is over, and TGA is back to regular podcasting. Hopefully none of you went insane waiting for the show, especially considering I was a day late. This week, I have a very special guest: Carisa Hendrix. You might remember her awesome atheist panties picture. She’s come all the way from Calgary to help with the show, so if you guys like her she’ll be helping out more regularly. She’s a professional fire eater, and she just released a DVD teaching people how to perform this fine art. If you’re interested, be sure to buy it!

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For those of you looking for the Julia Sweeny TED talk, here’s the link.

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    Carisa was a great guest host, you should have her on again.

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    Carisa totally kicked your ass in that Santa debate!

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    Totally did that, totally did imagine ninjas attacking church. 😀

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    About the Santa Debate:

    Yeah, it’s not so good to lie to your children… But, it’s the only time in your life you get a pass to believe in a magical being that brings you presents. Which is pretty awesome fun if you remember it like I do. I don’t think I ended up too damaged. I say let kids have fun with it while they can. It’s crueler to deny them.

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    About Buddhism:

    The definition of an atheist is roughly, “The absence of belief in the existence of deities.” I thought that Buddhists didn’t believe in a deities either? Hence, doesn’t that make Buddhists atheists?

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    joe Botelho

    Dude you do not have to worry about telling your kids about Santa,
    because you will never get laid. If you talk to all women like you talked to Carisa then its a fucking mircale that you ever got pussy in the past. Plus she totally schooled you in your debate. As a father of two i never have to lie to my kids to get them inline. It’s called PARENTING but since you will never plant your seed dont worry about it.

    P.S CARISA do you think that fat balding married guys are hot? Facebook me.

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    Yeah agree with Isaac, Jacob she kicked your ass on the Santa thing.

    I don’t think that lying to a child is even the issue here. If skepticism is the knowledge you’re trying to impart on a child then simply teaching them questioning, logic and reason is the way to do that.

    Ignoring Santa and making Christmas a holiday about kindness and empathy between people is a MUCH better idea to impart during the formative years of a child.

    Using the false concept of Santa is a bit superfluous. The lesson that “sometimes people lie” doesn’t need a practical example from a parent. Basic skepticism takes care of that.

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    Mark H.

    I grew up in a Jewish home and as a kid I remember being super jealous that Santa “passed over” my house. Sure was satisfying when I found out it was all bullshit.

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    Bradley B

    Carisa won the Santa Debate hands down, and i have to say, as a father, that kids find enough stuff to practice skepticism on without having to have Santa be an exemplar, and my daughter already figured out that adults lie about stuff, and she calls people on the lies too. I’m Glad i didn’t lie to her about Santa.

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    Matt: I think the definition of atheist is the absence of belief in any supernatural dogma. Buddhists believe in reincarnation. Strickly speaking, people do reincarnate into something (maggots, etc..) and what we are made of returns to the biomass (actually does even during our lives), but I don’t think this is what Buddhists mean.

    my 2 cents.

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    Great guest, you should make her your new regular fill-in.

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    Re: Buddhism

    My other half is a Buddhist, and for what it’s worth the Dalai Lama considers himself an atheist.

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