Borders has no balls

The quest to rid ourselves of religious oppression and control had a bit of a blow recently. The secular-humanist magazine Free Inquiry was told by Borders Books & Music their April/May issue will not be stocked in stores due to the reprinting of controversial cartoons depicting Muhammad first published in Denmark. Borders claims they are simply trying to protect their employees and customers from harm.

It doesn’t surprise me a major book store would pussy out when it comes to free speech issues. It seems like no one has a problem that actually publishing harmless cartoons causes religious wackjobs to react violently; and this is what I find most disturbing about the whole thing. We would all rather hide our heads in the sand and pretend nothing is happening than deal with the fact there are dangerously insane individuals in our society ready to kill for the slightest offense to their stupid and juvenile belief system. Congratulations, Borders, on proving once again that no one has any balls anymore.

**NOTE** This story is actually from 2006, so I’m an idiot.

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    Hm, I wonder if they would have done the same thing if it was religious cartoons mocking evolution or something.

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    Charles Evo

    You realize that this happened in 2006, right?

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    Honestly it doesn’t matter when it happened, the issue is the principal behind it and not if it happened 3 years ago, or 3 days ago.

    //t doesn’t surprise me that a major book store would pussy out when it comes to free speech issues//

    I think a lot of people misunderstand the concept of “free speech”.

    Just as you are under no obligation to allow someone in your house to lecture you about Christianity, Borders is under no obligation to allow anything into there stores that they dislike, for whatever reason.

    The concept of free speech is really about your ability to say whatever you like as long as you are not making threats or causing immediate panic falsely, without fear of being punished by the law.

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    You could argue that Borders isn’t open minded, but the reality of the matter is they have a business to run and they thought allowing this magazine in their stores would hurt that business.

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    I agree with Razzle.

    I wouldn’t say that Borders was just looking past the fact that there are several million insane individuals in the world that are ready to resort to violence over something as simple as a cartoon, but rather that they are acknowledging that fact.

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    Some nut just tried to kill the guy that drew the picture of muhammad with a bomb on his head. ugh.

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