Bertrand Russell was the man

Keep in mind this interview is from 1959, a time when very few people would have dared be so honest about their lack of belief in God. I can’t even imagine how influential he must have been to many aspiring atheists; I’m sure our whole movement owes a great deal of gratitude to this intellectual giant. Also, don’t you love his wacky “mad scientist” hairdo? It’s fucking badass.

(props to Unreasonable Faith for the find)

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    “Why I am Not a Christian” was the first mass-marketed non-theistic tract. Stuff had come out before it, obviously (notably David Hume & Baron d’Holbach), but that was the first book for the layman. Awesome.

    Read it here:

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    Aw man so Bertrand doesn’t get the profane treatment like Christians do on this site? Hos utterly disappointing. I was hoping to read something like “Look at $#$%@%@ Bertrand Russell, this dude makes my $#%@%@$ stand up straight like a $#%@%^&^@ telephone pole! I am so happy I could $#%$@ myself!!”


    Come on where is your typical flare?

    About Russell. He says one should suspend judgment if one cannot prove something, then he goes onto say the possibility of the afterlife is “nonsense.”

    Sup with that?

    Happy new year

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    1.) What’s your problem with cussing, and why do you put it at the forefront of every comment you make? Why is it worse to say fuck or shit than it is to say any other word that can be construed as offensive in the English language? A word’s a word, and it’s only offensive if you perceive it as so.

    2.) Being as how an afterlife implies that your sentience lives on after your brain, which provides for said sentience, is long gone, I would say we have plenty of proof to say that the “possibility of an afterlife” is nonsense.

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    Just getting to watch the video, but I’ve got to say that Bertrand Russell is one of my favourite people on the planet. Jean-Paul Sartre and him where the ones that finally convinced me that almost all religion is utter bullshit.

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