Thank Science and get a gold star!

Ok, here’s a cool little website my girlfriend showed me just the other day I thought you guys might get a kick out of. It’s called, and it basically reads Twitter feeds and replaces the word “God” with “Science” (as in, Oh My Science, did you see the size of that guy’s eyebrows?). It also gives out a gold star every time someone says “Thank Science” (or some variation of this theme) on their own. Since it started, I’ve been told that the amount of times gold stars are handed out keeps increasing. Keep that in mind the next time you express yourself on Twitter, people!

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    Your girlfriend… *snicker*

    Thats all I wanted to add 🙂

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    You do realize that to deny any possibility of a higher energy is to go against what it is to be a scientist right??? Sure it is unlikely and I highly doubt that there is any bearded man in the sky, but as an agnostic I’m competent enough to understand that dogma is dogma no matter where it is….and dogma in science is a travesty, science is meant to expand our knowledge and understanding of the world, not just stop at one theory because Darwin said it was absolute truth….To believe anything without questioning it is an ignorant move, and those who believe in no possibility of something out there are just as ignorant as the right winged Christians who believe Jesus is coming in 2012…. Sure you have the right to believe in no god, and your probably more logical in doing so, however your a complete idiot to dismiss any possibility….

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    Troy Patterson

    Do you dismiss Zeus? Perhaps you believe it’s possible Atlantis is at the bottom of the sea?

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