Smithsonian gives shitty creationist movie the boot

The more evidence we gather showing the truth about evolution, the more vitriolic creationists get. Recently they tried to sneak a shitty “documentary” called Darwin’s Dilemma into the Smithsonian’s IMAX theater, but they were smacked down when the California Science Center used a special clause in the contract to cancel their engagement. The Discovery Institute is now trying to sue the CSC for not allowing their bullshit propaganda to benefit from the Smithsonian’s reputation.

I love how sue happy people get when their egos are bruised. The CSC refused to show the movie because it failed to meet their stringent requirements, and if ID’ers think they can use the law to pressure reputable scientific organizations to showcase their garbage, they’re in for a harsh surprise. The Dover Trial made it clear Intelligent Design is not a science, but is actually a masqueraded form of religious creationism.

Will there be a time in our history when we abandon primitive ancient superstitions in favor of rational scientific models? I suppose if we did I’d be out of a fucking job…

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    Lost Boy

    This kind of mindless drivel has no place in or right to be associated with true

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    ok, but WHAT ARE THE MOVIE’S CLAIMS? instead of merely calling it “shitty” (it’s slickly produced, with high production values), break it down and provide a rebuttal. youtube definitely isn’t the venue for reasoned discourse.
    NewScientist has some answers to “where’d the wacky creatures come from all of the sudden?” [my layman interpretation of “D’s Dilemma”]:

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    As soon as I see the discovery institute is involved I think it’s fair game to call it drivel.

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    Jacob Fortin

    The movie claims that the Cambrian explosion is proof of God. It’s utter nonsense.

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    I just spent the day at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. If you’re anywhere near D.C. take a day and check it out. It’s free and very well done. I went through specifically looking for anything even related to Intelligent Design but thankfully found nothing at all. I’m glad the Smithsonian shot this crap film down and hope they continue to keep their standards as high as they are. ID doesn’t deserve to even be argued about in a house of Science such as the this.

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