Another honor killing in Germany

A few hundred years ago, when the world was a vastly different place, the slaughter of young women for the preservation of honor was a common occurrence. In strongly patriarchal societies, women were seen as disposable, and for cultures obsessed with their honor and reputation, honor killings became a way for families to regain social currency. If you had the stones to murder your daughter for almost no reason, you gained a lot of respect.

In Germany the problem is still pretty rampant, despite the best effort of police to clamp down on it. A young woman identified by the courts as “Gulsum” was murdered when her Kurdish father learned that she had lost her virginity and had an abortion. She was lured to a secluded location where she was strangled and clubbed to death. According to the court, her face was smashed to a pulp.

A judge has given the father a life sentence in jail, though it’s a small comfort in light of the fact this beautiful woman with an enchanting smile has ceased to live because of a stupid and inhumane tradition. Honor killings have a long history, which is precisely why they are so awful and barbaric; besides, how many practices from the ancient world do you know of that are pleasant and friendly? Can we all please stop living like we’re in the 3rd century? It’s fuckingĀ embarrassing.

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    An what is this honour based on, yes religion, the one thing that holds humanity back from being civilised, a tradition dating back thousands of years still holds sway over putting men on the moon, eradicating disease, and being decent human beings.

    God help us!!!!!!!!

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    Gorgeous girl, shame she was cut down because of idiotic stone-age practices.

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    I fully agree with you, though your posts sounds as if these practices are common in Germany or even a German thing (“In Germany the problem is still pretty rampant”). They are of course not. Those “honor killings” (how awkward it is to put these two words into one sentence..) are a problem of the Muslim minority only.

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    -Pete, I think you mean “Science help us…”

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