Apparently the Crusades weren’t even that bad!

Excusing the Crusades and Inquisition is as simple as mentally separating the actions of your church from the values they supposedly espouse to. We’re all sinners in their eyes, so it can’t be helped that even men of the cloth committed terrible atrocities. If you’re not convinced from this line of reasoning, you aren’t alone, which makes the following video quite painful to watch. Here we have a group of young well meaning Christians “informing” usĀ the Crusades really weren’t that bad, and it was the fault of the people inside the organization rather than the Church itself.

Does it surprise me a religion based on absolution of sin would be so quick to pardon the crimes of their forefathers? Not really. These are the same guys who think salvation is possible no matter the terrible bad shit you’ve done, since their Messiah “paid” for all your sins in advance. Believing in Jesus is the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card if I’ve ever seen one. Forget responsibility: you’re an evil sinner who can’t even control your own actions. Luckily, Zombie Jesus will whisk you up to heaven if you beg him hard enough. What a deal!

If you have any questions for these deluded idiots, feel free to give them a shout.

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    I like how their two major points were:

    -It really wasn’t that bad
    -It was individuals’ fault not the church

    I especially like all the evidence they used to back that up.

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    I love how the girl can’t pronounce arithmetic properly.

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    I hate this revisionism. The Muslims were attacking Constantinople, and the Emperor petitioned Pope Urban II for help defending his city. The Pope saw this plea for help and decided that the best course of action is to invade & capture Jerusalem. How that is a “defensive” war is beyond me.

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    I love how mass consumption of milk leads the kids to stop believing in logic! As if that’s got anything to do with anything!

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    Very, very lame. Their ignorance preceeds them.

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    Zombie Jesus

    Zombie Jesus spits on the Catholic church.

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    The highlight of the entire video is that cutie catholic schoolgirl talking about all the of the “Bad things” she is guilty of….Ill be more than happy to punish you for your sins baby…

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    The Inquisition and the Crusades ‘weren’t that bad’?



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    “even if WE haven’t individually THROWN the church into scandal…”
    “how is the catholic church STILL good, when I’VE done so many bad things.”

    HOLY FLURKING SHNIT!!! really boils it down right there;

    as a catholic, your main duty is to feel guilty for things you haven’t done, and to hold church leaders beyond reproach.

    i’m puking that one up like so much milk…

    “when xtians do bad things, they aren’t really xtians”, even when THEY’RE LEADING THE FUCKING FLOCK…

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    Actually they are not that bad, as most records I’ve seen show that the crusaders killed more xtians then muslims. Its just that most movies never show that so most people don’t know this, as they get their ‘history’ from hollywood.

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    ^^^^^…you’re kidding, right? look, when people kill in the name of a religion it’s abhorrent and hypocritical, regardless of their victims’ faith (or lack thereof). is that concept lost on you?!
    hollywood’s fault? wake up.
    yeah, all those 11th century blockbusters are brainwashing us…

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