Back to regular bloggin tomorrow!

Hey gang, just a heads up now that the vacation is over (mostly), and I’m happy to report blogging will be back to normal tomorrow. I’m taking the day off to recoup from all the Christmas fun, so see you all in the ‘morrow. In the meantime, if you want to let me know how your holiday went, don’t be shy to leave a comment and tell everybody what you were up to!

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    Awesome. Somehow, I got more atheist while you was gone.

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    I spent the majority of my time while you were gone hanging out with hot atheist chicks, and tomorrow I won’t be capable of celebrating your return to the blogosphere due to the fact that I’m hanging out with another hot atheist chick. haha

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    “Christmas fun” ??? What’s an atheist doing having Christmas fun? Have you defected? :-)

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    My new laptop arrived, so I’ve been on it pretty much non-stop since I got it.

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    I was snowed into my house from christmas eve until two days ago…55 inches in 4 days woo!

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    This “hot atheist chick” wanted to be alone for Christmas. I hiked to a great overlook of the mesas in the reservations to the west, braved a windchill of 15 degrees (this is New Mexico???), heated up a pot pie on my backpacking stove and chugged spiked eggnog. And yes, listened to Christmas carols on my iPod. When I started to freeze, I headed back. One of the more memorable Christmases that I’ve had.

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    It was awesome, my sister and her husband flew down and found out that even though my dad is a conservative republican he is also an atheist. Who knew?

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    I spent Christmas with my family (including my baby nephew who is so frickin’ cute.) I got a big-screen TV for my apartment since my last one was about the size of a lunchbox.

    @Zac – Share the love, man! Where can I find me some hot atheist chicks?

    Also, @Kerrie – How you doin’?

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    The younger generations in my town are beginning to open their eyes to other ways of life. I mean, yes, the large majority of people are still Christian, but I haven’t met an atheist chick that I didn’t think was hot so far; well, that’s kind of exaggerating, but still.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t go anywhere today, as I don’t currently have any mode of transportation, but tomorrow is whole different story. haha

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    The majority of my family are devout christians… Guess who spent the season celebrating paganism quite openly just to piss them off?
    I’m going to hell apparently, but at least Satan will high five me for getting there in style. XD

    Hope everyone else had an enjoyable break. I’ve been listening to back episodes of the show to keep me going.

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