TGA Podcast: Episode 75

Welcome back to another episode of The Good Atheist. This week, my special guest Jeff Jones is here to fill in for Ryan, who’s all the way down in Tennessee for Christmas. We’ll be talking about charities holding the homeless hostage over gay rights, whether or not you should tell your kids about Santa, and how long it took Jeff to stop believing in the jolly old fat man. So stay tuned, and enjoy!

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    About the whole santa thing, If I had a kid, the only thing that would give me pause is the fact that if you tell your kid its a lie he/she will tell his/her friends and so your not just affecting your kid’s life but other kids’ lives as well. And I don’t want to do that. But if push comes to shove I guess I’d lean towards not lying to my child.

    And when is part two due? Soon I hope.

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    About your fear that your podcasts are getting worse, you’re wrong. Whenever you realsed episodes 1-14 again, I couldn’t bring myself to listen to them because they were so boring. But now, around episode 74/75, you guys are just about listenable! 😉

    You mentioned around 32:00 about the “671 commandments”, it’s actually 613 commandments, and they are all here:

    Jones is my favourite host out of the good atheist posse. 🙂

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    I don’t see Santa any differently than the tooth fairy, so I played up the myth on both with all of my kids. It’s really just a form of blackmailing them to be good little kiddies. Sad, but true. But that’s as far as it goes.

    Mr. Jones, you are very funny…..and please sit closer to the microphone.

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    joe Botelho

    i can’t believe it took a gay man 27 years to get laid, how fat are you?
    Plus gay jokes are the best you guys are just fucking pussy’s!
    My brother is gay and i still hang with him and love him the same and we still make gay jokes all the time. As long as the joke isn’t laced with hate its funny.

    Loving my gay bro
    Joe botelho

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    I had to stop listening, your guest is either very soft spoken or was too far from the mic, it was too hard to try listen.

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