Prosperity Gospels makes me sick

When economic times are rough, Prosperity Gospels flourish. Prosperity churches preach that faith in God ultimately leads to material wealth for those he favors. The charismatic preachers who espouse this philosophy are usually dressed in fine clothing, despite in America, members of these types of churches are typically much poorer than other congregations. That’s because most of these preachers equate faith to amount donated to the church. It’s a brilliant scam really; give me more money, says the preacher, and God will favor you more in the future (just don’t fucking hold your breath).

Joel Osteen (who looks like the bad guy in Shanghai Knights) is the latest jackass to try this routine, and here he is interviewed on CNN telling people to have more faith in the economy, and this will somehow fix it. According to this Times article written shortly after the financial crisis, Prosperity Gospel was actually one of the reasons people had taken on loans for houses they could not afford, being assured by their ministers that God would “find a way” for them to be prosperous.

Think of it as people being dangerously and foolishly positive when it comes to their finances. Now this fucking jackass is trying to revive this movement, and he’s filling up stadiums with desperate people seeking answers and the promise of more wealth. I just hate the fact that anyone allows these kinds of charlatans to tell them how to live their lives, despite the reality members of prosperity churches are typically poorer than their counterparts.

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    Just more magical thinking among our religious bretheren. Nothing really new there but it is scary to think that this guy (osteen) is filling the minds of people that god will “put them in the right place at the right time” to get better opportunities.

    I just don’t like who these fuckers never chalk up human accomplishment to humans. Somehow god did it or something to that effect. I guess it goes back to the perverted idea that humans are “evil/bad”.

    Plus, these fuckers don’t have to get up every morning and go work some shitty job and put up with the BS that goes with it because they’ve got a nice residual income from the sheep they lead. How’s that for a cushy job?

    These dweebs prey on the helpless and fearful and smile while receiving their extortion money from them. It is absolutely pathetic.

    Religion is a great business and a lot of money can be made by pedaling false hope. Hmmm, maybe I should look into this.

    Sickens me to no end.

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    Did I hear him right? ‘…go back to Abraham where Christianity started…wtf? That’ a new one on me!

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    Joel Osteen definitely has ALOT of charisma, he builds people up and makes them feel good about themselves. Comparing him to another televangelist (Benny Hinn), is hard since he really comes off as genuine compared to others, which leads me to beleive that he is a new breed of televangelist.

    He also doesn’t specify any type of religion therefore attacting a wider range of people, ie. all types of christianity and jewish religions.

    Ofcourse I judge things by outcomes, and when your business is religion that is giving people false hope thats takes their money, the only word to describe this type of person is scumbag.

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    Also I got a question for the rest of the TGA community.

    Why is it that all televagelist/motivational speakers are all scumbags?
    They all want money, instead of sincerely helping people for free out of the goodness of their heart.

    Is it because only the successful ones are the scumbags, and the genuine ones never succeeded so they are unhearded of?

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    Looks like your website is under attack from supernatural forces…

    you really need to add comment moderation to your blasphemy…

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    Prosperity gospel would make sense to me if I believed in God.

    If there was a God and he was the Christian God, I would expect his followers to be rewarded richly, in all facets of life. Forget trying to find this in the bible, but keep in mind that the bible can be made to say anything you want.

    Personally, I think the fact that it doesn’t work, is some evidence against the Christian God.

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    It’s another fear-based method of inducing belief… Instead of preying on people’s fear of the uncertainty of death, they’re preying on people’s fear of the uncertainty of the market. Same shit, similar stink.

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    Mark H.

    I love the look on Christine Romans’s face (the interviewer) as Joel responds to her questions. You can just see the thought bubble above her saying, “you are so full of shit. I know it and you know it, too. But I work for CNN, based in the South, so I’m going to pull my punches”

    And his thought bubble is saying, “Christine, I know that you think I am full of shit, and you’re right, I am. But I’ve got a good thing going here, and no way you are going to fuck it up. Bitch!”

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    I actually didn’t think this was all that bad. He was mostly saying “keep your chin up”. That may be because he’s on national TV. Remember that faith is something people cling to in tough times, and that any market dominated by fear is a risky one. That said, Mr.Osteen is a a kind of Christian leech, living in luxury on the backs of poor people.

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    Clabber Grrl

    Wait a minute — prosperity religion is the *original* religion. Don’t act like it’s a perversion of religion, it’s the essence. Begging the gods that your crops won’t fail.

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    Clabber Grrl

    You claim to be an atheist, but by disvaluing prosperity religion as against other kinds, you betray that you have the Augustinian retrovirus deep in your DNA.

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    Steeling from the poor should be a crime.

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    I used to believe, but I believe the preachers and christians all prey on each other. It is the biggest scam in the world. Have faith, believe, etc, etc, etc……for what. We have to eat to live, drink water to live and one day we will die. What else do you need to believe. LMAO…

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