A little word on Senator Jim DeMint

Apparently, Jim DeMint (R-SC) thinks health care reform is an unconstitutional power grab. That’s according to his Twitter, which is even more prolific than mine (I better get on that shit). He also naively believes that the nutjobs who constitute his power base are actually the real voice of America. He seems completely uninterested in the majority of Americans (now at about 56%) are actually in favor of it, but like his radical ilk, he’s not interested in the numbers.

Republicans have been able to frame the whole debate now in terms of abortion recently, and since religious fundies go crazy every time they hear the word, Republican senators like DeMint have found their cause célèbre. Now you might think Jim is simply an idiot, but I think we’re failing to recognize how savvy guys like him really are. So long as they can muster the support of their largely uneducated religious constituency, they’ll continue to erode the democratic process. Americans, you won’t be able to wash away the shame of being ranked below Chile and Cuba in terms of life expectancy until you stop getting medical advice from a bunch of Bible thumping rednecks. Get it together, people!

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    You can’t blame the life expectancy on just the health care, the American way of life, at least the stereotypical one, is quite unhealthy. No amount of free socialized health care is going to help you if you make several trips to McDonalds every week.

    And the republicans aren’t even the biggest problem when it comes to health care reform, the democrats have shot themselves in the foot so many times, I’d be surprised if theres any foot left. Obama’s been no help getting a strong bill through, and the dem’s choice of not going through reconciliation, expecting to get the likes of Lieberman to be be anything other than a pain in the ass was stupid to say the least. If proper health care reform doesn’t pass, its not going to be the republicans fault.

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    Ugh. I hate that he’s from my state. The family can keep him. He makes me miss Strom Thurmond.

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    The democrats seem to lack any sense that politics done right is a team sport. The republicans are just crazy, but at least they’re crazy as a team.

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    steve johnson

    jim demint is a piece of shit

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