Praying: the new tactic to try and kill Health Care reform

You might recognize the preacher dude, Lou Engle as the really creepy guy from Jesus Camp. If you remember this movie, you might also remember how utterly creepy he was around those kids. I always felt there was something not quite right about that guy. In this video, he’s leading a prayer service to enlist the help of God to kill health care reform. You might recognize both senators participating in the prayer meeting: one is Jim DeMint, and Sam Brownback, both of whom are members of the ultra secretive “The Family” (which you can read more about here). It seems like these guys have no problem with gays being killed in Uganda, but they really are steamed about every American getting access to health care. What a bunch of stand up guys!

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    And if there really is a God, I highly doubt that he would be opposed to collective efforts to ensure that the least of us have access to health care.

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    Actually the Bible pretty clear on this one; care for the poor and the sick or Jesus will send you to hell. (Matt 25:31-46)

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    The Abridged History of the United States

    Chapter One: Created by those escaping religious persecution
    Chapter Two: Destroyed by religious persecutors

    The End!

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    Didn’t Jesus say to sell all and give it to the poor. That sounds like caring for the less fortunate to me. Plus, why is it that religious conservatives have no problem funding a military, police, etc. but funding a plan where people can have access to health care is reprehensible to them?

    I suspect that all of this is not about furthering the kingdom of their god but rather expressing their bigotry and establishing a world where they are in charge, i mean, their god is in charge (kingdom of god). Funny how the kingdom of god is supposed to be run by people here on earth. Who decides who is in charge? Are we going to be reverting back to a place where our nation comes under the “divine right of kings” again? I thought the American Revolution was supposed to take us away from that shit.

    Anyway, these fuckers are crazy!

    Its funny how having a religious veneer gives people a social gravitas that is undeserved. As if believing in santa made one noble or something.

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    1) Good to see that Senator Bachmann hates America so much that she thinks it deserves to be annihilated. Glad to see that kind of thinking rewarded with campaign contributions and votes.

    2) Anyone who thinks it’s clever to call the Democratic Party the “Democrat Party” is clearly going to approach this debate in an adult manner.

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