Them’s fighting words, Neil

Remember our old friend Neil deGrasse Tyson? Here he is giving a speech at The Amazing Meeting. If you’ve never heard of this awesome yearly gathering, it’s basically an event that brings all the skeptics together under one roof to talk about how awesome science is. I’ve yet to attend (I’m fucking broke all the time), but it’s definitely on my “To Do” list sometime in the next few years.

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    Zombie Jesus

    I appreciate his enthusiasm. I have never seen a scientist use such extravagant hand gestures in their seminars. You need these people to show that the scientific community isn’t a bunch of stuffy intellectuals eating cheese, drinking wine, and disproving all those pesky religions.

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    Five minutes ago I was trying to make it through Ben Stein’s insanely laughable “documentary”, and I just had to take a break. This was a lovely palate cleanser, so thank you. And I just fell completely head over heels in love with Mr. deGrasse Tyson.

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    I love that guy, he’s so fired up about science, and he’s pretty dang funny, too.

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