Christians have no sense of humor

When I originally saw this billboard, I assumed it was actually the work of some clever atheist group wanting to poke fun at Christians; imagine my surprise to find out that it was actually commissioned by an Anglican church called “St Matthew’s in the City”. The billboard was up for a total of 5 hours before someone defaced it, proving once more that Christians have a poor sense of humor concerning their own ridiculous beliefs. I suppose if I believed in something so fantastically silly as a virgin birth, I might also be a little insecure myself.

Church spokesperson Clay Nelson was surprised people reacted so negatively, especially considering the billboard was the least provocative ad they had brainstormed about. They had turned down a sperm coming down with “Joy to the World” written above. I’m not even sure that one makes any fucking sense, but they sure are a ballsy bunch.

Of course the Catholic Church was dismayed, saying the images were disrespectful. Yeah, seeing Mary and Joseph naked together is shocking! Considering Jesus had siblings, they had to have fucked at some point, so I have no idea why Christians are so upset over the thought of their saints “shagging”. It’s probably the only half decent human thing I’ve ever seen these two characters do, since most of the time they’re depicted as hapless idiots trying not to get in the way of their supposed deity of a son.

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    It does seem distasteful, it’s just a little too harsh. Maybe I’m a great big pussy though.

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    Just put the billboard in a place where it can’t be reached, or have a camera always patroling the place and arrest whoever vandalizes it.

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    What is so harsh about it??? Do not married people sleep in the same bed??? If jepus had brothers and sisters, how did that happen??? He just point his tool at her from across the room?? and used ballistics?
    There is nothing wrong with the billboard!!! What is wrong is in the hearts of the xtian schite head delusional morons(apologies to real morons for the comparison) who think married people don’t do SEX!!! or even sleep together. WHY are they so frightened of one of the few pleasures their supposed g0d gave us????

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    I think the bigger issue is the idea that God physically boned Mary.

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    Since when have Jewish persons in Israel had white skin and blue eyes?

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