Catholic League cries foul over Simpsons “joke”

Remember when the Simpsons were relevant? When I was a kid it was THE show to watch, and any kid with enough fortitude to quote entire lines of dialog from the show would be praised for their awesomeness. It was like a benchmark for cool back then. Well, times have changed, and now trying to watch an episode is torture for any real fan. That hasn’t stopped the Simpsons from occasionally trying to be edgy, and their recent effort has pissed off the Catholic League.

Back in October, their Halloween special “Don’t Have a Cow, Mankind” has everyone in Springfield turn into zombies after eating tainted burger meat; everyone except for Bart, who is immune. When they arrive at a special quarantined area, the guards tell Bart that they will need to eat his flesh (to become immune themselves I guess), and Marge responds by saying “What kind of civilized people eat the body and blood of their Savior?”. As you can already guess, Bill Donohue, that annoying jackass at the Catholic League, is crying foul. It’s not even that great of a line, but at least they were trying for once. Personally I think Bill should just let this one slide, since no one who matters actually watches the show anymore. This story almost tempted me to give the episode a look. I said almost

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    The Halloween episodes are still worth watching, even if the rest of the season isn’t anymore.

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    i disagree.
    the simpsons, i think is very much still relevant
    it may not be as good as it was back in its hay day but after 20 years, can you blame them.
    It’s still on because it’s a money maker for fox

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    that’s “cries foul” by the way, not “cries fowl”… unless we’re talking about chickens?

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    RA The Mugged Man

    “Well, times have changed, and now trying to watch an episode is torture for any real fan.”
    I disagree.

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    I don’t normally post to blogs but I neeeeeed you to take a quiz I made. I love your blog. One out of every four people I’ve given it to has loved it. Which Simpons character are you? Go to my website to take it.

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    lol, yeah a show that lasted more than 20 years on TV and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon is not ‘relevant’.

    What’s up with “real fans”? Sure it is not going to surpass season 3. But even at the newest seasons there are still very nice episodes every once in a while, and honestly, even the worst simpsons episode is better than 75% of whatever else is on TV :)

    Anyway, love the blog, I was just googling for stuff related to this line ^^

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