Somali man stoned to death for adultry

I’ve written a few articles in the past about how fucked up Somalia is, including how Sharia Law is quickly becoming the order of the day. The latest disgusting act of cruelty was the recent stoning of Mohamed Abukar Ibrahim for the crime of adultery. He was buried up to his torso, and the local residents of Afgoye, a small village 20 miles from Mogadishu, were forced to watch as members of the radical group Hizbul Islam stoned him to death.

Normally, this kind of insanity is performed by the even crazier al-Shaabab, but I guess they were too busy amputating thieves to bother.

Africa is the new battleground for religion, and the bodies are starting to pile up. Rationalism and common sense can’t compete against superstition, irrationality, fear, and cohesion. Is everyone in that country crazy? Of course not, but the crazy ones are obviously in control, and they won’t be happy until everyone sees the world in the same twisted way they do. Fuck, religion blows.

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    My 1st question is was the victim islam???
    If so tough schite!! He is in the religion, he pays the price.
    But it is a crazy way to be and there is no real solution.
    But I would like to believe that if I was forced to live under that society that I have an uze when they came for me, I would not live thru the encounter but you must remember your rank in Hell is determined by the number you bring with you.
    Really. Those people demonstrate the need for secular government and law.
    That is the only real solution.

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    sultry adultry

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    also, guy above rules. tough SCHITE

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