Catholic Archdiocese in Washington still sucks

Back in November I reported the Catholic Diocese in Washington DC was threatening to cut its service to the homeless if it was forced to comply with a proposed bill to make same sex unions legal. Well, it looks like their pressure tactic has failed, since the bill actually passed.

If you feel like wasting your time, there’s an online petition asking Archbishop Wuerl¬†not to be such a fucking douchebag, but like most online petitions, it’s about as useless as tits on a bull (not my expression). While the dust settles on this new bill, the regular rigmarole¬†of protest has begun, with bigoted jackasses saying they want to have a popular vote on the issue (proving once again that the tyranny of the majority is evil). This battle has only just begun, and it’s going to be a fight.

Did you expect anything less from people who refuse to accept reality and drink the supposed blood of their God each weekend? That’s messed up, yo!

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    I can think of a use for tits on a bull. Several, actually.

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    Do you think all online petitions are useless, no exceptions? Is that because they are online or because nobody cares what the people think?

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    @vjack – All online petitions are useless because it’s too easy to change the results.

    Case in point – Pharyngula dropped a poll from the Baltimore Sun about the gay marriage issue, and it’s gone from 40 for, 60 against to 92 for, 8 against.

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    Jacob Fortin

    @vjack – I’ve never known an online petition to work, if only because it takes so little work, and can therefore be ignored by others. I’m sure psychologically they have some use, but they don’t beat old school letter writing campaigns!

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