Site News: New mobile version is up!

I received a few requests by fans to make a mobile friendly version of the site, and I’ve complied with your requests. It’s not perfect (pictures don’t appear the way they are supposed to, and videos are still awkward), but for anyone trying to access the site from your phone, it’ll be much easier. If you guys have other suggestions, feel free to give us feedback, and if I can do it without having to spend any money (I’m broke, bitches), I’ll do it.


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    Pretty slick, works well for me. I actually find it easier to navigate then the main site (because if you click a story, you see the story and at the top you can click to see the previous or next post, and at the bottom it has a list of all the recent posts).

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    Just one more reason to give you guys more money when I renew my patronage.

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    Quite simply, thank you. :-) I read your site quite a bit on my iPhone.

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