TGA Podcast: Episode 74

Welcome back to another episode. Ryan is leaving for almost a month, so this is the last show he’ll be doing for a while. This week, we talk about the War on Christmas, how Christians are trying to force an atheist councilman out of office in North Carolina, and how insane Scientology is (you’ll need to listen to find out how much)! With the holidays coming up, podcast production may dip a little, so if you start feeling restless about content, don’t forget we have a member only podcast for the low price of 20 bucks a year. If you’re feeling generous and in the Festivus spirit (hehe), then think about becoming a member. It’ll help us have a bit of a decent Christmas this year if you do.

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    Oh you’re such a legend! You mentioned Festivus just I told you to! 🙂

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    Ryan, regarding Jacobs intolerance of chicks who “say or believe stupid sh*t”. Flip the question around to this “would you be tolerant/not care of the opinions of a girl who was a member of the KKK?”

    Why / why not?

    And how is that any different to the opinions of a person who believes in the ineffable truth of a book which demands all non-believers to be put to death?

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