Sam Harris lambasts liberals for excusing fundamentalists

You’ve got to love Sam Harris. He’s not afraid to speak his mind. On his radar screen these days are the liberal apologists who try and excuse Islamic fundamentalism on economic and social disparity. Is it so hard to believe a religion can entice its followers to hate others for very little cause? I love how he mentions the religious nutbags in America are better suited to understand the danger of Fundamentalist Islam; takes one to know one, I guess.

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    Huh, I never saw what Sam looked like until now. He has Dwarf Ears.

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    Mark H.

    Sam is great, wish he had the same exposure as Dawkins and Hitchens.

    Now, as for Tucker, he seems quite certain that a jihadist takeover of America would target non-believers and the gay community first. Not that I ever want to see that day, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jesus flock was first on their list. If there’s one thing that all gods seem to have in common, it’s that ever-familiar human emotion called jealousy, and who better to carry the torch than their credulous followers.

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    Those “economic and social disparities” are a large factor, though. Reportedly, the youth of Iran are more Westernized than the leaders, which is why they push so hard against them. Hezbollah is scrambling to adjust to its followers’ increasing sexual awareness ( Everything is an issue; boiling it down to, “It’s Mohammad’s fault” is an oversimplification that won’t help anyone.

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    Joee B

    I really enjoy reading Sam Harris’s stuff but i have always wanted to punch him in his stupid face when i see him on screen.

    I dont know why but he’s got one of those smug pucnhable mugs that deserve a Penn/Sanchez like beating.

    We can boil it down to religon’s fault. Mohammad is just this religons god who also needs a punch in the face.

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    Sam Harris is great. He has the ability to get a point across quickly and in a pretty easy to understand way.

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    Ok, I have a huge nerd crush on Sam Harris. IQ + rationality + interesting. Damn. <3

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    both these guys miss a big factor in Liberals’ “going easy” on muslim extremists: it’s a KNEE-JERK reaction… when a group of people (right wing fear mongerers) who hate you, try to make you hate someone else, your inclination is to do the opposite. or, at least mitigate the reaction by trying to UNDERSTAND “the evil them”.
    it’s also knee-jerk leftist anti-bigotry. duh.
    this comes across mostly as more fear mongering: “we don’t know the %, but if we did, it would be terrifying?!” c’mon.
    the barrage of extremist footage felt like i should be strapped to a chair watching it, “Clockwork Orange” style.
    so, be afraid, sure. but criticize with a better understanding and clearer picture. tough to find both.

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