Don’t leave Bibles hanging around!

In the 1920’s, an Anglican minister left a translated Bible on the small and remote Belcher Islands, located in Hudson Bay, Canada. The islands are fairly remote, and the local Inuit population rarely interacted with the rest of the northern population. In the 1940’s, a string of murders occured, and when the police investigated further, they learned that the otherwise peaceful island had been swamped with religiously inspired killings.

One woman, believeing herself to be God, sent several children on a deadly walk across the frozen Hudson Bay (they were forced to do so naked), while a woman was murdered because some of the other town folks believed she was Satan; another grizzly murder involved a dispute between two men who thought they were both Jesus.

When the Toronto Star interviewed the Archbishop of the Arctic (this is an actual position I’m told), he stated he had not been able to visit the island, and as a result, could not help solve their obvious theological disputes. In other words, without someone trying to control how the Bible is interpreted, all kinds of crazy shit happens. This is their supposed Holy Book, the same tome that has “all the answers”. Seriously, I’d rather use the Iliad as a moral compass than the brutal, xenophobic and vile book that is the Bible. Has anyone who believes in this shit ever actually bothered to read it? Then again, considering what happened in the Belcher Islands, maybe it’s better if no one does…

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