PETA is still just as annoying

I feel weird today, since I’m defending a religious group called “Our Lady of Calvary Abbey”, in Rogersville, NB. You see, they raise a number of dairy cows and chickens, and the radical animal “rights” group PETA is upset by their farming practices. They believe the calves are taken away from their mothers too early, and the chickens are being raised in cramped spaces.

Presumably, all animals should be enjoying a life free of slaughter, cheerfully gallivanting in the fields with their other animal buddies, and occasionally breaking out into song. The problem is that we live in the real world and not some fucking Disney fantasy. Perhaps you’re a vegetarian and dislike the idea of raising animals for food; that’s fair enough, and I certainly wouldn’t try to force anyone to eat meat. My problem with these delusional idiots is they think they’re in a position to tell others what is ethical and what isn’t, and they aren’t above trying to force others to believe what they do. PETA is nothing more than a thinly veiled extremist organization that thinks all animals should be free (including your beloved pets). If you’re stupid enough to have given them money in the past, try researching them a little more thoroughly before you do that again.

The obvious problem with such an infantile philosophy is it ignores the fact most of the animals we have domesticated are ill suited to survive in the wild. They exist because we breed them to exist. Without our efforts, they would simply be the victim of some clever wild animal, or they would starve to death or die of an infection. Nature is fucking cruel, and no one has an easy death. If you’re going to go, you might as well have been grain fed while you were alive, don’t you think?

Of course, it’s also shitty that I have to defend a monastery that’s harboring a Bishop who was caught with a shitload of child pornography. Can we all agree both of these organizations suck?

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    The PETA you describe is a weird bunch. Everyone know PETA is for People Eating Tasty Animals. This other PETA you are talking about sounds like a bunch of kooks who would rather have sex with animals then cooking them.
    They sound silly enough to throw blood on pretty models wearing fur. Why??? Once I kill somethin to eat, seems wasteful to throw the hide out just cuz of a bunch of kooks.
    All hail the omnivore! I’ll eat anything!! even a blond ;-}

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    I do approve of their ads, however:

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    “it ignores the fact that most of the animals we have domesticated are ill suited to survive in the wild”

    That’s not what PETA wants either. I can’t remember where is was but 60 Minutes or some such show did a piece where PETA members “adopted” a bunch of dogs from a shelter, killed every last one, and then threw them into dumpsters so that the dogs would never again have to be someone’s pet. San Diego comes to mind but regardless, they are truly a creepy bunch of people.

    I guess I shold apologise. First you have to defend a monastery and now take a post from a Christian – yikes – life sucks.

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    On one hand PETA is insane, on the other hand there are reasonable standards for treating animals. They shouldn’t be pointlessly abused and made to suffer and perhaps we should go out of our way somewhat, to treat them well.

    I’m not saying the church treats them shitty, I’m just saying we should treat animals as well as we reasonably can, within the framework of raising them for food.

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    I find it hilarious that you always call it a Disney fantasy when I’m usually reading your blog on my phone or listening to your podcast while I’m at work… at Disneyland. Ha! Keep the fun rolling!

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    I didn’t think the day would come, but it has – you’ve disappointed me! Why oh why!?

    Yes sure PETA a little nut nut, but hey, there’s worse things in the world than a bunch of bat-shit-crazy-hippies fighting against cruelty. I’m surprised you can’t see that.

    What you’re saying is that livestock or pets wouldn’t survive in the wild without us ‘caring’ for them, or ‘breeding’ them – as though this is some how an excuse to treat them like shit. When people have children who have Down Syndrome they don’t wait and see how severe it is then kill them two years in because, ..”well heck, he wouldn’t survive in the wild”.

    Why not direct your anger at the other end of the spectrum, the evil fucks who mutilate animals for pennies. I’m a meat eating, atheist, centre left, humanist son of a bitch and even I know that those are the bad guys. I know we love to say, “I only buy ethically sourced meat products” bla bla bla, but most of the world doesn’t, and the evil shites out on these battery farms keep treating these animals (many of which, as a rationalist I’m sure you know, are pretty fucking smart) like crap. And now you’re standing up for them? What a shame.

    Good job on the podcasts btw, I’ve been a fan since nearly the beginning.

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    I’m a vegan and even I despise PETA. Their antics only turn people away from the animal welfare cause. They also are a bunch of hypocrites who kill animals.

    I would just recomend you try and be more criterious about your sources, and are websites by the Center For Consumer Freedom, they represent the industry that makes money selling all kinds of animal products, so PETA’s actions go straight into their pocket. They’re not the most unbiased source that you can find.

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    PETA can be annoying a bit extreme sometime but youre WRONG when saying they dont want us to have animals such as dogs or cats to domesticated, they know those animals can’t live on there own just as well as you or i but they are CORRECT in saying that the procedures of killing these animals ( which has been proven to be pointless ) are ridiculious. And to think that there are crazy people ( maybe even you, i dunno ) that think its impossible to live without comsuming animals products from meat to dairy. i really like these website but why the hell are you talking about vegan/vegetarianism when its an atheist blog?

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    PETA wouldnt be so bad if it kept its wacky ideas to itself but since their trying to force their idiotic philosephies on us all i want absolutly nothing to do with these annoying hippy cunts

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    peta still sucks

    People Eating Tasty Animals: Uncompassionate losers for animals since 1980

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