I knew it: Pokemon IS evil!

If there’s any doubt as to the Satanic nature of Pokemon, I’d sure like to hear it. I’m just glad I was too old to fall into that “collect them all” insanity every kid was going nuts about. Of course, I don’t think I ever hated it as much as this fucking guy. You’d think the cartoon was forged in the fires of Hades with the vitriol he reserves for it!


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    Nooooooo! Years of my childhood wasted over this evil! Actually, I guess it was. =|

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    Whoa whoa whoa, how did he make the leap from ‘Pokemon master’ to ‘Masters of Darkness’

    this guy is insane.

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    at 1:44 when he talked about the devil with jigglypuff on the screen I almost peed my pants

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    My son started playing Pokemon about three years ago. Now he rides a broom.

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    Good Reason

    This is really serious! People are forming relationships with imaginary beings that evolve and have fighting abilities! They get enveloped in this world of fantasy role play! They’re killing each other over the beings in this make-believe world!

    Now what’s all this about Pok√©mon?

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    “You may not take it seriously, but I assure you, demons take it seriously”(!)


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    Isn’t it christians who believe people get up again after they die? They’re the one who think this life is just a game…

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    Pokemon, yeah, that’s totally lame and evil.

    *hides his DS with Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Emerald stuck into it*

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    James Figueiredo

    The world is just full of TEH STUPID, isn’t it?!
    And, man, does the lady at 1:24 look like her brain’s been completely shut off or what?!

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    What’s scary is how serious some people really take people like this guy.

    Doesn’t he kind of remind you of George Bush? LOL!!!!!!

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    Zombie Jesus

    Did he insinuate that D&D geeks belong to hardcore gangs, pulling out their “45 and pump some friend full of bullets”? Seriously?

    Pretty sure anyone rp-ing will consider a “45″ as their attack roll bonus before a high-powered magnum.

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