Glenn Beck wants to live in a theocracy

Glenn Beck you are either a liar, or you are completely ignorant of American history. What part of your own Constitution do you find so hard to understand? The very reason you enjoy freedom to practice your religion (no matter how fucking stupid it is), is because the state does not endorse any specific religion. We’ve had theocracies before, and they sucked balls. So far this whole secular state thing has been working pretty well, so stop trying to fuck it up, jackass.

(via the New Atheist)

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    Clearly, Mr Beck has finally managed the read Brown’s The Lost Symbol.

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    He’s reading into history to find things that fit his ideas and ignoring the things that do not.

    Also, he’s a Mormon. Even normal Christians consider Mormons stupid.

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    It is exasperating to know that no matter how many years I teach history this asshole will have a larger audience and in some circles more credibility on the subject.

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    Fox News = Pictionary!

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    OK. Let me get this straight. Those tea-bag guys, like Beck, hate the government and love privatization. And they love the church. Yet, for some reason, they want the government to get back into the business of being a church??? Won’t that wreck the church? And won’t there be a problem when the government’s statement of religion doesn’t exactly match their wacky fundamentalist version?

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    @Paul, exactly! They’ve all got their panties in a twist about gov’t-run health care, but now suddenly gov’t run church care is a good idea? Please.

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    I would like to see some christian theocracy set up for a test of the system. We could then send a good number of the many different religions that want such a government to set it all up. Once they are set up allow all Americans wanting to live under that government to move there at the governments cost. I believe those that would chose to go would change their minds very quickly and would be begging to come back, other then the ones that are in the majority denomination. I think many that want such a government have never really looked at how they actually work.

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    Man he really loves his blackboard.

    It’s not really surprising he wants an American theocracy, that’s like a Mormon wet dream.

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    FYI unless I am wrong the only laws that are even close to the 10 commandments is Theft and murder…we are well with in our rights to covet our neighbors asses and wives and disrespect our parents. Even lying is legal unless you do it in court…

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    joe botelho

    one word-DOUCHE

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    Wasn’t Jefferson an atheist?

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