Dairy farmer easily impressed by “Holy Cow”

If you aren’t feeling particularly embarrassed at the state of human gullibility and stupidity today, that’s because you haven’t heard about this “story” in the news: Moses the calf (as he’s been dubbed by the local kids) was born with a birthmark on his head that vaguely looks like a cross. His owner, being a gullible idiot, thinks that it must be a sign from his all powerful God, who appears to want to communicate very mysteriously and indirectly. If it was my cow, I would have simply called him “Mr. T” and that would have been the end of it.

So now I have to wonder if they are ever going to slaughter this thing for meat eventually. Will Moses die for our sins and our hunger? I’m thinking when he becomes burger meat, it’ll be sacralicious.

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    You never see a calf with the words “There is no God” clearly displayed like that on a calf’s forehead.

    Checkmate atheists.

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    Ya know… it looks like a stylized dragon to me… maybe the Xtians and the Gamers should roll polyhedral dice to see who wins…

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    That’s no cross. That’s a target for the bolt gun. Who’s hungry for veal?

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    I knew as soon as I saw this story in my local paper (I live in CT, not far from this area) I knew wack jobs would be making their usual idiotic noises. I expect the story to end up causing pilgramages to Eastern CT. WHile here they can gamble at or other holy sites,the church of the Indian Casinoes

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    joe botelho

    I’m surprised the farmer noticed it since he spends most of his time in the back of the cow

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    this sign from god looks delicious.

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    So, Moishe, where’s the star?

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