Interview with a suicide bomber

Can you believe how insane this guy is? Such is life when you live your life by some insane and murderous dogma. This fucker doesn’t even care if his family is killed as a direct result of his actions. This is precisely why I find the concept of the “afterlife” so corrosive; assholes like this suicide bomber make decisions based on the stupid assumption there is life after death.

I also love how the interviewer argues that jihad is only OK if you have permission from the Islamic State. What the fuck is that about? Way to look civilized, moron.

(props to Daily Dish for the find)

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    How can you interview someone who has commited sucide(?)

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    Hell, if I was mad as a box of frogs and thought paradise (Complete with 72 virgins.) awaited me in an afterlife I’d be strapping on my Semtex waistcoat pretty damned quick, but I’m not, so I won’t!!

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    Joe Botelho

    If only the westeren goverments go assemble a team of grade a pussy the muslim extremist problem would be history. No time for Jihad if my mouth is full of vagina goodness. the only thing blowing up would be my load onto a ladies back.

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    Quote from “The Running Man”

    - What about those bank robbers? The ones that made that suicide pact.

    - Did they commit suicide?

    - Obviously not, Damon.

    - Then they’re unreliable.

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    My favorite is the comedy bit about the guy who trains suicide bombers…
    “Now I’m only gonna show you this once…”

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