Hasidic Jews are annoying

You would think biking is so common these days no one would even think twice about it. But it turns out New York Hasidic Jews had the city sandblast cycling lanes in their Brooklyn neighborhood because they considered it a “religious hazard”. The problem, you see, is female cyclists are usually scantily clad in the summer, and Hasidic men are too sexually frustrated to deal with that shit. The city caved to their ludicrous demands, but a group of vigilantes have actually repainted the bike lanes in (can you still call yourself that when police see you do it and do nothing?.

Apparently it’s OK to be a segregationist when you’re religious, and like anyone trying to live by some insane orthodoxy, they often demand the rest of the world accommodate their ridiculous beliefs. I remember the Hasidic community in my city tried to force the YWCA to paint their windows in, claiming it was hard for their male members to avoid staring through them. I had a simple answer to this problem; how about not letting a bunch of delusional wackjobs tell everyone else how to live? Just a crazy idea, I know, but I think it might be a good one.

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    Zombie Jesus

    The solution to rape is not “don’t let those women dress so damn sexy.”
    The solution to horny Jews is not “don’t let those women exercise.”

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    Arg! I hate that I can’t come up with a comment that doesn’t sound anti-Semitic but goddamn it that’s pushy.

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    I used to think they were “Acidic Jews.” I also thought it was amusing that their name lent itself so readily to puns about how corrosive stupid beliefs were. It’s okay, though, because like all dumb beliefs should be, mine was eventually laughed away.

    What the hell is it with Patriarchal religions treating the bigger and more dominant people as victims? I normally don’t condone biblical advice, but if you are having trouble controlling your own swelling erection, then maybe you should cut the fucker off and stop fucking up the world.

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    Joe Botelho

    “Arg! I hate that I can’t come up with a comment that doesn’t sound anti-Semitic”

    That’s the problem when good people(and i assume good because if you were anti-semitic you would just say it) are afraid to TALK about issues, because they will be called an anti this or that.

    Fuck them if it’s stupid and wrong call it out. We need athiests with big giant balls and skin made out of iron or else we will get shushed away like noisy 3rd graders.

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    A bike lane as a “religious hazard”? What’s next, are they going to demand the city coverup those indiscreet crossing sign stick people?

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    You know what else is a religious hazard? Reality. You can’t sand that! You can try, but you will not be successful.

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    I’m really tired of Hasidic Jews. I live here in Brooklyn. In fact, I’m not a big fan of Jews, at all. Maybe if they’re non practicing, or young, or cool. You know, the kinds that grew up Jewish but are now part of our world. I feel as though most Jews in this city believe that they are allowed to do whatever they want and have special rules for them. It pisses me off because I used to work in an area of Brooklyn with shit loads of Jews (18th Avenue. If you’re from Bk, you know what I’m talking about). I was so fed up with the way they drove and how their little children would stare because I was obviously “not one of them”. One little boy even talked to his dad in their shit language in the elevator with me and kept looking at me. I wanted to smack the little runt but luckily the floor came. Ughhh!!!! Fucking Jews!!!!!

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    It’s the Hasidic who are the problem, not the non-Hasidic. I’ll grant you, the ultra-Orthodox are repulsive and incapable of allowing others to live their own lives. But here’s a little secret: Other Jews can’t stand them either. I know. I’m one of them.

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    I fucking hate those jewish ppl, all around They think they are all that.. I have a co-worker who is a jewish lady and she annoys me all day long… They need to shut their mouth because they are not all that… They think that they are the chosen ones… Yeah right!!!

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    I never really knew much about Hasidic Jews until I moved to heart of it all. Williamsburg. Had we known what we were getting ourselves into…..I don’t think we would have ever made the move from Manhattan or at least so far South Williamsburg and we’re only near S.4th. Our building management and landlord is hasidic, and sadly, less than a year later, our experience with our management company’s cheap BS “repairs” amongst a myriad of other things has us saying we hate these assholes too. Not only have our bike lanes been removed but our new apartment is constantly experiencing some sort of breakdown they refuse to fix. Our bank is even closed on Saturday and OPEN ON SUNDAY for christssake. We had a dispute withe a neighbor the other day because our landlord is so effing cheap, he refuses to mail our rent bills and instead has the door person slip them under our doors in UNSEALED envelopes…doorperson made a mistake one day and put our cheaper rent bill under someone elses door with a comparable apartment and similar move in dates. We have come to hate these people and it’s terrible. We’ve never despised anyone due to any culture or skin color and it almost feels uncomfortable to hate them but we really despise them.

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    jhon smith.jr

    I’m not jewish …you can see that from my name…I’m christian and I don’t hate jews at all and have nothing to do with jewism as a religion or an idea ……………….but I hate to say that some jews think that they are,out of no where,targeted so they act agressivly towards whoever criticises them and I should say that people have more important things in their lives other than vexing jews and you’ve done enough for the american economey so either you fix it or drop the act….

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    Try living in Rockland County. These assholes milk the system for everything it’s worth, and they get away with it because our politicians cater to them because they make up a huge voting block. They collect welfare, but live in huge million dollar houses (they claim the house as a “gift”). They’re going to take over one day if we don’t put a stop to it.

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    Hey all,

    I’m a Hasidic Jew and I can say that you are all absolutely right in a lot of ways. Many of my fellow H-J’s can be pushy and don’t respect the fact that not everyone believes as we do.

    I don’t live in NYC (live in Milwaukee) and hope that it’s more of an East Coast thing. I try to tell my friends and brothers to remember that we need to be polite and respectful with people, and people will respect us back if we do.

    I apologize for all of my fellow H-J’s. We’re not ALL shmucks, even though plenty are.

    Seth Rosenberg

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    Their attitude can only be clear to you if you have studied their literature where they derive their opinions and teachings about the rest of the world. It is a scary bookstore!!!

    The thing is if you are not a Jew you are an animal. That explains their agressive behaviour towards none Jews.

    I have read translated Talmud scriptures and it blew my mind how sick their teachings are. They believe we, the non Jews, are animals who only took a human form….. ))) And this is just a drop in the sea.

    All we must do is to, on a daily basis, make sure they know you despise them and don’t let them push you around. Their time is coming, AGAIN!!, and they dig the whole every time. I guess they can’t learn a lesson.

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    I never had any issues with Jewish people before, but it could be because I had never really met anyone of Jewish ancestry that I had spent any real time with.

    At first I thought I had a new friend who was actually interested in obtaining a new friendship with me. However, this particular Jewish woman harped over and over again that she and her people were “chosen”.

    I told her that I didn’t believe it and that I really didn’t care what she thought about it. I really didn’t want to talk about it anymore (she’d send me You Tube videos on the topic, she’d loan me a CD from a Rabbi, and she even invited me and drove me to a women’s meeting at the local Jewish Community Center).

    She became pretty demanding and started accusing me of being “blind”, “full of hate”, and “closed minded” because I didn’t agree with her that she was “chosen” and from a “chosen people”.

    I don’t know what her problem was and why she needed to prove to me (a Gentile) that she was so darn special.

    I guess I should be thankful that she blew a gasket and doesn’t seem to want to be friends anymore.

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    I live in Brooklyn. I was walking to an elementary school for disabled children to volunteer (I’m not trying to make myself sound good – that’s really what I was doing). This was near the Marcy projects which is also an area where a lot of hasidic jews live.

    As I was crossing the street, a hasid in a van ran a stop sign and almost hit me. Luckily I’m always really alert when I cross streets in NYC, so I saw him at the last second. He slowed as he started to turn into the cross street.

    I tapped the side of his van (not punched/hit, but TAPPED to get his attention). I said “Yo! That’s a stop sign. He leans out of his window and shouts “Do you have a problem? Do you have a problem?” I was like “You almost hit me – that’s a stop sign.” I’m sure I sounded pissed, but I was right.

    He continues shouting “do you have a problem” like he wants to fight – lol I’d snap his neck – he probably would have called the neighborhood jew security force. Yes they have their own “pseudo police” that they can call and get to harrass non-jews in their neighborhood – I’ve heard crazy stories about this. Anyways I just said, “learn how to drive” and walked away. He screams “FUCK YOU” and flips me off.

    When I walk through this area, I often catch the hasids looking at me with a disgusted look. If I glance at them really fast at the last second as they walk past, I almost always catch a nasty look.

    My landlord is a snake hasid. Our building has become a slum due to lack of repairs/maintenance. My ceiling has had a leak for 4 months, and there is literally no heat source in the living room/bathroom/kitchen. Only small crappy space heaters in the bedrooms.

    When I asked him about this, he said “No one else complains.” Everytime I call the landord office, I have to deal with an aggressive, annoying voice interrupting me and ridiculing me, as if I’m retarded for wanting basic repairs done.

    Now I understand why all the black people in Crown Heights flipped out and started beating jews – a dumb hasid ran a red light and killed a black kid because he was late for a funeral. That was the last straw for a lot of people.

    I live near there, so my neighborhood is mostly black and hispanic, and they are cool people and mostly very friendly. The ONLY group I’ve ever really had a problem with is these friggin hasids.

    I can’t stand these people – their food sucks, their women are disgusting (and notorious for dishing out blowjobs, which I’d honestly like to experience at least once), the men are vermin, and their culture is a plague.

    Herpes and lice infest their populations. The men bring STDs back to their wives because they go to prostitutes to satisfy their sexual frustration. They all propagate within such a small gene pool that they have incestuous genetic traits. This is why they are all frail and have bad complexions and look the same.

    I don’t have an issue with non-hasidic jews. It’s just the hasids.

    One messed up thing that hasids do is they say “Eck eck” at gentiles when they walk by. Eck is a Hebrew word that is a command to expel demons. It’s like saying “get out demon.” But they’re saying it as a joke/insult – it’s like a racial slur only it’s religious – saying “ew an animal haha get away from me!” Imagine saying “ew an asian person I have to take a shower now.”

    So from now on, when I pass a hasid I’m going to say “Eck eck.”

    Everyone: when you see a hasid, say “Eck eck” just loud enough for them to hear, as you pass by. Let them see how it feels. It will be funny because they don’t know that “gentiles” know what that word is.

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    Stephen Demy

    I love curb your enthusiasm and Seinfeld. I thought I loved Jews. But recently I’ve been seriously pissed off by them. I hate religious people all over, so hasids are a given, but it’s the stereotypical roles in movies which are annoying the hell outta me. So really, it’s just fictional characters who are annoying me. That’s not that bad is it? The last one to rub me the wrong way was the dad of jeff goldblum’s character (JG is cool) in independence day. So fucking annoying!

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    Hey Seth (the hasid jew) you’re full of shit. Sure you’ll come on here and “apolgize” to everybody but I know you in real life you lying creep. In real life you told me (because you thought I was a reform jew wanting to become like you –remember me?) that you cant wait for the day the messiah takes over and enslaves the gentiles. You said the goyim (gentiles) aren’t worthy to be anything but slaves to you and that the creator made them look human so the jews wouldn’t be spooked when they become your servants. Any hasid reading this KNOWS Im telling the truth and if you deny it go fuck yourselves because Ive heard it soo many times.

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    God Forgive Me! I never used to be annoyed by Jewish people BUT ever since I started working in the Service/Tourist/Sales/Hotel Industry at the age of 18 y/o and coworkers would make comments about Jews, ALWAYS complaining,are cheap,jumpy and nervous,always saying they are sick,never want to pay for anything, argumentative ,anal retentive etc, etc etc, then started to experience ALL of the above myself ,I never wanted to believe it because I did not want to be Racist/AntiSemite/Nazi whatever but after 20 years in having dealt with them IT IS ALL TRUE.Maybe its a Social/Cultural thing but still It Is Annoying!BUT I guess every Culture has its Traits.
    But strangely enough its only AMERICAN/Canadian jews that annoy me.I have traveled all over and met Jews from other countries including Israelis and they are not the same as North American ones.Another weird fact, Arabs and people from India act exactly the same .

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    I don’t care what anyone believes it, but when they start telling us what we can and can’t do, that is when I get angry.

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    Whoa…Don’t stereotype India buddy…India is a clusterfuck of every gene pool out there…and the result is that my neighbor is deeply religious and i am an Atheist since i was 10 years old and i have balls too…i say to peoples face that i am an atheist and they see it as my path to enlightenment(you know the perks of livin in spiritual countries)(i even say to them i am not even atheist,i say i hate groups,religious or otherwise,as George Carlin says,”I love individuals,i hate groups)Oh,whats that,how do i know Carlin?..the same way i respect brains over caste creeds custom countries..i love Carl Sagan too…whoa stop it…but you are right Indians have cheapness as common traits but there are some noble kings too.

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    Unfortunately, the horror or the relatively recent holocaust and long, ugly history of anti-semitism are such that criticism of any troublesome aspects or Judaism, whether on theological grounds or in the context or Zionism or pertaining to Jewish ethnochauvinism will be quite reasonably viewed with suspicion. There are literally over a billion Christians and Muslims, as opposed to perhaps 10 million Jews worldwide, of whom only a minuscule fraction are Hassidim.

    So, yeah, by all means these Hasidic absurdities should be challenged in those few and far between areas where they occur (and I hasten to point out that secular Jews are the most likely to do so), but when compared to the threats posed by Islamicists and Dominionists, I think the Hassidim are small potatoes.

    And no, I am not Jewish (ethnically Irish, raised Catholic, atheist).

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    Oops! Typo correction (some “or” should’ve been “of”; see below):

    Unfortunately, the horror OF the relatively recent holocaust and long, ugly history of anti-semitism are such that criticism of any troublesome aspects OF Judaism, whether on theological grounds or in the context or Zionism or pertaining to Jewish ethnochauvinism will be quite reasonably viewed with suspicion. There are literally over a billion Christians and Muslims, as opposed to perhaps 10 million Jews worldwide, of whom only a minuscule fraction are Hassidim.

    So, yeah, by all means these Hasidic absurdities should be challenged in those few and far between areas where they occur (and I hasten to point out that secular Jews are the most likely to do so), but when compared to the threats posed by Islamicists and Dominionists, I think the Hassidim are small potatoes.

    And no, I am not Jewish (ethnically Irish, raised Catholic, atheist).

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    Glad to see so many atheist. My take all fundies need to be called out. I get tired of their morality constantly be forced on others. Women cover-up because my penis gets erect, homosexuals are evil, pray 5x a day or more and I can’t work, but wait let me be the first to find a prostitute, alcohol, child sex, etc. Donate to my cause called church, synagogue, or mosque so that I can create further schisms, backwards rules, wars, hatred, etc.

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    wow, i hate to agree but when i ride through lakewood new jersey, its a dive. all hasids . the homes and apts. are unkept and full of toys scattered all over. its so depressing and it was once many years ago a resort town. i have read so many books on hitler and his genocide and never understood his hatred. i find what he and his henchmen did was murder. then i come in contact with hasids and there beliefs and i shudder. chosen for what? to be prejidiced , hateful, scornful, dirty and greedy. wtf???? rude awakening for me. i once went to my bosses girls bar or bat mitzvah (whatever) and it was so full of hateful innuendos inc. the current day president. my husband who is of german heritage was apalled at the remarks against his heritage. he had nothing to do with natzi germany and there were others in the invited group who were also upset. i also know another jewish boss i had disinherited his son for marrying a gentile. my hubby and i are loving caring kind people and will remain so but if any hasid gives me any problems they will get an earful from this gentile,aka human being.

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    I HATE Hasidic Jews. My partner is an atheist, but he was raised in a conservative Jewish family. I am a atheist, but raised Catholic. We are treated like absolute garbage by the bulk of the conservative and orthodox Jewish people we are now FORCED to interact with. I didn’t have a hateful bone in my body towards Jewish people prior to this experience. Hell, some of my closest friends and former roommates are Jewish. But honestly the Orthodox can go jump off a cliff. They are no better then hardcore Arabs with their backwards thinking and stupid fucking rules. Fuck the lot of them.

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    FUCK these brooklyn hasidic dickfaces. They are the most annoying, pushy, self entitled (and least deserving) passive aggressive little shit pricks that ever walked the earth.

    God forbid you say anything along these lines – it becomes anti semetism. IT ISNT. I love jews. i HATE HASIDICS. If a person thought all jews were like the hasids – you could understand why throughout history they have been targeted, again and again… and frankly, (not for all jews, just these fucks) it is absolutely justified.

    Fuck them all – let them burn…. let them hide behind their cries of antisemetism all they want – they are the most racist, sexist, anti-religious fucks that walk the earth.

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    Mark e

    I fucking hate these Hasidic Jews they are dirty mother fuckers. There is a reason y in history civilizations have killed them or kicked them out of there countries!!! Imagine if hitler didn’t Do what he did we would have a surplus of 30 million Jews !!!! Fixk them Israeli fucks!!!

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    I agreed with most of the comments here. Bad personal experience with them. Hasidic Jews are very rude. Other Jews I find are very nice though. Hasidic Jews, I have no sympathy for them. thanks for all the very insightful posts into this group of annoying people.

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    Seig Heil! Time for a second holocaust

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    John A. Tatoian Esq.

    I have never experienced Hasidic Jews so I am ignorant of their behavior and beliefs. Can anyone explain their beliefs and behavior?

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