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Evolution is so fucking cool. Check out this article and marvel at the power of natural selection in all its glory. For those of you interested in only the short version, it basically talks about how wide spread use of bird feeders in Britain has created evolutionary changes in the blackcap bird. These include more rounded wings and a smaller beak. What surprised scientists was how quickly the changes started to occur. Before the advent of bird feeders to provide them valuable calories in the winter, these blackcaps would have died out, but now they no longer travel to Spain to breed. Over time these new birds are adapting to take advantage of no longer having to migrate south. Is that awesome, or what?

It geeks me out to this day we can actually see evolution at work, but it also boggles my mind how some people still choose to deny reality in favor of the non-explanation that “God did it”. Why don’t you read a few books other than the Bible and marvel at the power of the natural world for a change. Trust me, it’s a lot cooler.

(thanks for the link, James)

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    I heard one of the scientists on the radio. What is interesting is the fact that the roots of speciation are beginning to occur between two distinct populations of the birds that formerly were one. Where all of the birds used to winter in Spain, now only some of the birds winter in Spain while others winter in Britain. Although they spend the breeding season together in Germany, the Spain-winter birds do not mate with the Britain-winter birds. There are also noticeable difference in DNA between the two now-separate groups.

    They are not yet separate species, but they are on the road heading that way.

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    Ok… so how do we transform them into super birds with lasers coming out of their eyes?

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    Thats mechanical shit, Isaac… we’re not at that Quake 4 kinda tech where we can combine creatures with big-ass guns and let them blow our enemies up… may never happen…

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    I was joking.

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    Zombie Jesus

    God made them evolve.

    Is there some way to attach a tone, such as sarcastic, to posts a la Fightlinker?

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    That is very awesome!

    Try denying that!

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    Whilst I agree with your sentiments, it rather undermines your tone of scientific authority when you accompany an article on Blackcaps with a picture of a Great Tit.

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