TGA Podcast: Episode 73

Welcome back to another episode of The Good Atheist podcast. This week, Ryan and I talk about the upcoming future, Climategate and global warming. We also discuss the strange new obsession some people have of staring at the sun. This world just seems to get a little crazier every day, no?

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    Jacob: “Did you ever imagine being in 2010?”

    Yes! But it’s pretty much the same, except I’ll have a shiny new red laptop, but I’ll have to wait to Festivus for that.

    Speaking of which… can you please mention Festivus on the show? As a favour to to me? Please?

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    Ryan: During the podcast (17:40) you said that Jacob was changing the definition of a religion during the discussion of whether religion and science can overlap.

    Actually Jacob was the one sticking to a definition and you were the one changing definitions of what a religion is. A religion does not currently (or historically) exist which does not contradict science in some way. The very definition of religion is BASED on all available examples we have of religion.

    Therefore if a belief system can be created, which does not contradict science (unlike every other religion ever conceived) then it has become something other than a religion.

    It would be like observing that apples are not long or yellow. Finding a bannana and saying “AHA I will call this thing an apple, therefore apples CAN be yellow and long” you’re simply labeling something else to fit the conclusion.

    TLDR: Sign up to the bonus podcasts! Ryan and Jacob fight like a married couple! ;p

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