Rapture ready people are weird and scary

I recently saw a few ads for this documentary, and after reading the “about the film” section of theirĀ website, I’m curious enough to want to watch it. Of course, it seems to be playing in some selected theaters only, so I’ll either need to wait or hope this somehow makes it to DVD some time next year. Man, why can’t everything be instantly accessible, using a series of tubes to distribute content worldwide?

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    If I’m reading their site correctly, it will definitely be nice to have a good overview of the issue that doesn’t come directly from the religious side.

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    Carisa Hendrix

    That’s an enticing preview. I wonder how hard it would be to talk a smaller theater into running it locally.

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    About The Family – You guys have to read, or listen to, Republican Ghamorra by Max Blumenthal. OShit will you ever find out how these folks have infiltrated the world! They love Sarah Palin…and the preacher from Uganda even came to her church to pray for her to become the VP.

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    Video: “It’s their religious duty to hate us”

    Indeed, and it’s the christian’s religious duty to hate them. So if we do anyway with religion we do anyway with the hate! They know it, and sometimes admit it, they just can’t accept it for some reason.

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    I asked the internet to send me this movie, but it refused!

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    Jesus is not talking/referring to the end of times, he’s referring to the end of the age, year 2150. Now we live in The Piscean Age (hence the fish are mentioned often in the bible) and we will be entering the Age of Aquarius.
    Then the NEW age will begin. And yes, it will be the end of the piscean age, but how else (other than religious people) gives a damn?

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    joe botelho

    Attention all christian ladies who want to get laid before the Rapture,
    I am ready and willing to submit to you in the bedroom, or stairwell maybe a pew in the back of the church. Let us wait for Jesus naked and sweaty.

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