TGA Podcast: Episode 72 1/2

This week, we’ll be talking about Ryan’s love affair with anything British, the super secretive ‘Family’, and a new proposed bill in Uganda that would make homosexuality a crime punishable by death.

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    Historically, vaccines have not been too terribly helpful, in fact, they often lead to resurgences. Though smallpox and polio have been virtually eradicated, it would have happened without the vaccines. Diseases naturally decline over time, and vaccines generally do not aid in the decline.
    Throughout the show you spoke a good deal about how you get immunized for other people, or trying to achieve herd immunity. This is a good point and really the only reason to vaccinate. Vaccines are generally effective in preventing the diseases that they are meant to prevent, and therefore work well in the short term sense. But Chinese herbal medicine is also capable of preventing disease- vaccines aren’t the only option, though they are the most effective.
    PS there was no TB in the east until we vaccinated in the west.

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    @Andrea: So are you supporting vaccines, (“…they are the most effective.”), or against them, (“….vaccines have not been too terribly helpful.) ???…….Or should a just get a Chinese herbalist to rub my balls with a carrot next time there is a flu pandemic?

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