Thinking Atheist nails it

I’m starting to love these guys. If you haven’t yet subscribed to their YouTube channel, what the heck are you waiting for?

(props to Duane for reminding us about their awesomeness)

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    Seen that video before, and it does hit the nail on the head showing that the label “Christian” could apply to just anyone who thinks the bible has something to do with something… ‘n stuff.

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    I don’t really want to watch videos. I can skim text in a few seconds, but I have to deal with audio and wasting time on a video. If people have a point to make, please write it down.

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    I wish more people on YouTube would take into consideration those of us who cannot hear what they’re saying! (not deaf, just don’t have speakers at work.)

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    I’m with Bjorn on this one. There are thousands of videos everybody wants me to watch. I just don’t have time. TEXT, PLEASE!

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    And this only for Christianity. Think of all the other “hosues” divided out there: Judaism, Islam… and don’t get me started on the Pagans!

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    Dangle! Gotta’ echo others. Hit me w/a transcript… that’s my word

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    Never had someone ask for a “transcript” before.

    Video does take a bit longer, but it also allows for the creative use of visuals, music, sound effects and narration to paint a larger picture than the written word would allow.

    It’s also more effective in the fact that video engages almost all of the senses. And people like eye (and ear) candy.

    If someone wants you to see thousands of videos, GOOD LORD! (pardon the expression)

    Thanks for watching. :)

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    Thanks for that – just watched it and was laughing in my mind.

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