Hitchens debates some guy no one cares about

(here’s the YouTube link for those of you on mobiles)

You might recall Rabbi Boteach as the annoying idiot who doesn’t do more than just make statements without any evidence. In fact, his first turn at the microphone is spent simply insulting Hitchens and his book, and he doesn’t say one thing of value. The most hilarious/tragically ironic part of the video occurs about 46 minutes in when he accuses Hitchens of character assassination not 10 minutes after having done the very same thing (and he continues to do so for the rest of his speech).

**NOTE** I don’t know how often this guy has to try to talk himself up and talk Hitchens down, but it was a lot (accusing the man of not knowing a subject like Judaism is probably not a good idea). I felt like Boteach spends most of his time trying to convince everyone that they should buy his shitty book. Maybe if I run out of toilet paper, I’ll consider it.

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    Danny Tatom

    Can’t comment on the video as I haven’t watched it yet, but I found a better version. The one you posted is hard to hear/slow as fuck..


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    The rabbi sure likes his quote mining. He plays the Hitler card. Includes the fine tuning argument. I can see this man’s appeal to religious people, his strategy is un-concerned with being factually correct or quoting in-context. He is driven primarily by emotion. I found it entertaining how he has so much special knowledge. He knows that evolution is impossible even if we give it “forever” timewise. He also knows there is no life on other planets. He obviously must have a magic crystal ball. He is just another religious person regurgitating old, refuted arguments. I lol’d a lot in the last half. “Dawkins is one of the few people who still beleives in evolution”. “Where’s your footnote!!?!”. I also liked how the crowd was getting tired of his bullshit too. The moderator got applauded for blowing his nose when Boteach was speaking.

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    Remember Folks, Boteach and other clergypeople have a vested interest in their orthodoxy. I mean, if it’s not true then they are out of a job!!!

    They will bring forth their flimsy, emotionally laden arguments just to pat themselves on the back and “truth” be damned!!

    It was a good debate nonetheless and Hitchens was excellent as usual.

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    Zombie Jesus

    How do the religious always confuse improbable with impossible. He made a point of saying in intelligent design that if the axis tilt was this much less, if Earth was this much closer or farther in its orbit and so on that there would be no life. The could explain the improbability of Earth. The fact that there is not life on the planets that do not meet these criteria more or less points to the fact that we were lucky as hell and should hope that nothing affects our axis or orbit. The reason why religion exists is primarily due to their rejection of coincidence. I have had things happen in my life that if several (I mean a string of over 10) things did not happen in the exact order at the exact time, the end result would not have occurred. Now, I like the end result and as such, I could either say it was fate, luck, or coincidence. I personally choose coincidence. Just because I received a favourable outcome does not mean that it MUST have been divinely engineered.

    No matter how unlikely, even if “mathematically” impossible, our evolutionary chain is improbable and not impossible.

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    I bit the inside of my gum yesterday.

    Yeah, that’s an intelligent design…

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