What a shocker: Ray Comfort steals people’s shit

The folks over at Freethinker just nailed Ray Comfort to the wall with this latest accusation, demonstrating that parts of his awful and pointless introduction to his “special version” of The Origin of Species was actually pilfered from one of Charles Darwin’s biographies.

The part dealing with Charles Darwin’s biography is actually rather good – almost as if he’d plagiarised the work of someone else?  Sure enough, Googling several key phrases from Comfort’s introduction proves beyond reasonable doubt that he had.  Whole passages were lifted without attribution from Dr Stan Guffey’s work, A Brief History of Charles Darwin.

I don’t find it particularly surprising; Ray strikes me as the kind of guy that isn’t too bright or scholarly, so it’s not much of a stretch to imagine that he would basically rip off the works of others rather than do any actual real research into the life of Darwin. If he bothered, he wouldn’t have accused him of being a racist, or of causing the Holocaust (how fucking insane of an accusation is that, anyways?).  I thought it might be good to break out my old comic I did making fun of this jackass. Enjoy!

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    It’s tough coming up with this wacky shit by yourself all the time.

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    Some more info I ran accross.

    “There’s a brief biographical section on Darwin’s life, most of which has been plagiarized from a short text by Dr. Stan Guffey, as some bloggers have demonstrated. The rest has been plagiarized from Brian Regal’s introduction to the Barnes and Noble edition of “The Autobiography of Charles Darwin,” except for a timeline, which was plagiarized from an online resource.”

    Does anyone know anything about Stan Guffey?

    And I wonder if there are legal implications for Ray. I know he thought quote mining is ok. However, I wonder if he thought that plagerism was also dishonest.

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    I don’t think that ‘ol Ray even knows what plagiarism is. As far as he’s concerned plagiarism is probably something the devil does to cloud the minds of unbelievers.

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    I really hope ray gets his ass nailed on this one.

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